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View Poll Results: Favorite number of rod pieces for transport?

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  1. Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I like 4 piece rods they are much easier to pack into a backpack and they also make it easy to pack more than one rod. And they catch just as many fish, thet are a win win choice. TIGHT LINES

  2. Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I love my 4 piece rods. I've only cast off the top section once! I have broken 2 sections on 2 different rods. My car door seems to have a destructive mind of its own!

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    There was a theory some years ago that the 3-piece rod was superior because of "wave theory," that is the symetrical wave lenghts that occur naturally in a fly rod did not line up by rod peice...which is good.

    But I don't cast well enough to worry about advanced physics. The rods I've purchased weren't available in a 3-piece, and 4-piece rods are incredibly convenient.
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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    Since I don't backpack anymore, my 9 ft - 2pc works for me. I rely on my metal tube case to protect it. I might like a 3pc also.
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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    With the exception of just a few rods I am more or less using 4pc rods exclusively.

    I do quite a bit of fly in trips and in a Cessna 172 or a cub 4 pc rods just fit so much better and I havent noticed any performance drawbacks to outweigh the packing size.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I'm waiting for the 10 piece that will fit in my pocket and will put itself together like my tent polls

    But for now, I hike a lot and find that treefish (especially oakfish) as weel as bushfish make a 4 or 5 practical for me

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I like a 2 piece rod best, but a 3 piece is better to carry (esp on a plane) easer too protect and still cast well enough.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I voted for five and have had rods from eight to one piece. The five is shorter and more handy but when made from the right materials etc--is lighter than many two pieces were 15 years back. Never had a ferrule break so that's a non issue and the taper/build and action is so advanced these days that is also a non issue.  8088
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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I voted 2, that is my favorite, however I do own a few 4 piece as well. I prefer to fish with 2 piece rods, they feel better to me, and I drive to most of my fishing spots, the 2 piece in its case fits in the back of my wrangler no problem. Now, if I were traveling or backpacking, I would take a 4 piece with me, and I usually hide a 4 piece in the car as a second rod when going fishing just in case I have a problem with my 2 piece (The only time I have ever broken a rod was it was a 4 piece fast action rods - thats another story previously posted). So, 2 piece for me, and when I can afford a good one, a 2 piece bamboo is next on my list.....


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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    My favorite number of rod pieces for transport is 4 just because it is so nice and compact. But I absolutely love 2 piece rods.

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