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View Poll Results: Favorite number of rod pieces for transport?

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  1. Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    Has to be 4, which is small enough to pack and stow away, but can also be dissembled in the middle for an easy 2-piece when on the water. I don't like odd numbers because it they don't make a convenient break-down when you are still rigged up.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I have a 3 piece Sage SPL, and can strap it on my pack easily. But a 4 piece is a bit smaller, and easier yet to pack around.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I voted 3 and if you bear with me, here is the reason why.

    One piece rods are too long too fit in my car and expect passengers to be comfortable...especially rigged.

    Two piece rods are great for breaking down while rigged and moving from one spot to another. Try doing that with a 3 or 5 piece. I've heard of rods missing sections that disappeared while trekking unrigged. Not a good feeling.

    Three piece rods, especially vintage, often have a smoother bend and improved casting. But the disadvantage is as has already been noted.

    Four piece rods are great for packing, AND can be broken down conveniently as a two piece.

    Five piece rods are similar to three piece in action, but can be broken down to be even more packable. Again, the same disadvantage as a 3 piece.

    Six piece rods are great for packing in a suitcase and can be broken down while rigged, similar to two piece.

    Other than Tenkara, I don't have any fly rods with more pieces than six.

    So anyway, I was reflecting on my decision and I accidently hit 3. Oh well. If I hadn't, it would been 4 piece.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I have Three rods, Two 2 piece,and one 3 piece PACK ROD. I love the two piece the action u get is more consistent. Every time the rod becomes more than 1 piece the action and feel take a hit. I have a three piece, one because it was cheap, two i bought it for a girlfriend on a backpacking trip. It was easier for her to carry in her bag. I would choose a 2 piece anyday of the week!

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I always thought 4-piecers had something to do with plane travel. Have never done a fishing trip via plane. (Kind of annoys me that it is hard to find two piece rods these days.)

    I'm only 5'10" and had absolutely no issues with a pair of 9' 2 piece rods in aluminum tubes strapped onto the side of an ALICE pack during 2-4 day trips up the side of the the Deerfield river where there aren't any real trails or anything. Then again, I did do a lot of backpacking when I was a kid. Actualy had my Kelty modified a little bit so I could mount and 8'6" rod tub on the side. Only time I ever had issues with it was going down really steep and rough terrain - kind of areas where you should't be wearing a pack as you climb down anyway.
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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    4pc from a travel and availability standpoint but I will always prefer 2pc rods. I feel the more pieces you have the more of a chance for something to go wrong. It's been a while since I have even seen a newer rod available in 2 pieces without having to special order.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I like 2s and 4s. If it didn't have to be transported a one piece is my choice!

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    Are there really 10 piece rods???
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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    Are there really 10 piece rods???:confused
    Maybe I suppose it depends on The Length of The Rod???
    I've only heard of 5,6 & 7 Piece Rods as well as The usual 2,3&4 piece ones so if a 7 piece was broken The Result would only be an 8 piece Rod.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I prefer 2 piece rods. You can run a 4 piece like a 2 piece but still not the same to me. I have a 3 piece TXL that I love to fish but hate the way a 3 piece breaks down when you want to leave it rigged when hopping around.

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    Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

    I voted four, if I've got a pretty good hike to get to the water it fit's in the back of the vest pouch nicely.
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