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View Poll Results: How Far Can You Cast?

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  • A full fly line + some backing 100'

    45 16.48%
  • 70 or 80' you can see backing

    84 30.77%
  • 40 or 50' nice distance but cant see backing

    71 26.01%
  • Just started and are learning to cast

    16 5.86%
  • 50' to 70' far enough for most fish

    57 20.88%
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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I selected 40'-50' , I have had my Z-axis 4wt one time with probably 70ish' out. I wasnt smooth and it wasnt pretty but it got the job done. Fortunately for me most places I fish if I need another 20' I simply walk forward.

    Comfort ranges for me are

    1wt 20-25'
    3wt's ( both under 8' rods) 35-40
    4wt (7'10" rod) 40'ish
    4wt (9' rod) 50-55' comfort range

    6wt....dont know it is still got plastic on the cork, never used it yet
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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Hmm. I thought I responded to this thread last year, but evidently not.

    Anyway, I think my answer is slightly inaccurate, as I just realized right after voting that while I can toss a line out to a touch over 90 feet (standing on the bank), I am using a St. Croix Imperial 9 ft. 5 wt. rod, but overlined with Rio Grand 6 wt. line (which is really a 6.5 wt. line). And while that 90' does not include the leader/tippet length, it does include the length of the rod. I thought it should count as it is the distance from the reel to the end of the fly line. With my 3 wt. I recently measured a distance of 67 ft. (my previous best with that rod was 53 ft.), which I thought was pretty respectable, though as I tend to fish small streams with that rod, I don't think I'll ever get to try that on the water.

    Also, I can't do this every time. I haven't actually paid close enough attention to my success rate to give an accurate estimate, but off the cuff, I'd have to say that I am successful reaching that kind of distance about 25% of the time. The rest of my attempts are significantly shorter, probably in the 40-50 ft. range.

    I have discovered that I really have to exagerate my casting motion when trying to deliver longer casts. I have to focus on smooth accelerations to very firm stops. Then really wait for the rod to load before accelerating to the next stop. And as I aerialize more and more line, my casting stroke gets longer, which slows my rhythm down to a point where I almost think I could light a smoke between the stop and waiting for the rod to load. Also my haul gets to a point where I feel like I'm throwing my hand away from my arm. And i have to focus on not jerking my hand, but smoothly accelerating through the motion as i pull on the line.

    Needless to say, my lack of real skill usually interferes and I start some stroke too early or too late and that ends the cast, usually with pretty tangled results. But when I get it right; well, it's like hitting a perfect golf shot. You just can't wait to do it again.

    Note: I have only caught a few fish after one of these long casts, so I'm not sure of their practicality, but it sure is fun when you get it right.

    Now I'm wondering how I'd cast if I put the 5 wt. line back on that rod. Hmm.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Quote Originally Posted by rangerrich99 View Post

    Now I'm wondering how I'd cast if I put the 5 wt. line back on that rod. Hmm.

    I have no doubt you would cast further using a 5 wt. line on that 5 wt. rod.
    The reason being that you aren't overworking the rod as much when carrying tons of line in the air.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    He may be a Gem and I think the Clouser may be the best fly ever invented but on this one "It was also his thought that anyone who said that they could cast further in a fishing situation was full of horse manure" I know he's full of manure. I've done it and I watch my Canadian buddy do it all the time.
    I watched my Canadian buddy do it yesterday. He was using my rod just to play with it and see how it casts. I had a clouser on it, love those flies. He put my whole line and some backing out and immediately hooked a Northern. It could not have been any more than 5 or 6 feet from the end of the cast. Where he did this there is a flat that runs about 6 or 7 feet deep. There is a submerged point that comes up about 95 feet out. You can't really see it right now but in another month when the weeds come up it'll be pretty obvious. I love being able to hit that without going and getting a boat. And by the way there are almost always Pike on or near that. They may not always be big, and most of the time they aren't, but it is a darned good spot.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    The results of this poll show that 1/3 of us can't cast farther than 50 feet. This causes me to wonder what the advantages are to a WF line vs. a DT, for those of us who can't or don't often cast farther than 50 feet, considering that the belly on most WF's doesn't end until you get past 40' or 45'?

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?


    Your post that ended with
    Likewise, I had no clue how far I was actually casting until I went to the park with the tape. ......Any honest man will admit to having measured himself!
    was a good one.

    I never had measured a cast until 3 years or so ago, and it is the only way to really know how you are doing, how a different line is doing on this rod or that rod and so on. I didn't know what I had been missing all these years.

    Tape measures are no different from odometers, speedometers, watches or bank statements. Pretty simple really. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Far enough
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I remember needing a 70' cast to rising fish on the opposite bank of my favorite river when I was about 3 months into flyfishing....I could not get there! It was very frustating to say the least. My cast was cork screwing and dying around 50'. I was always self taught and never could gather enough info (knowledge)through books and videos to further my casting abilities. Then....a breakthrough....I purchased a float tube and all the gear thats needed for stillwater. I had an intermediate line setup on my outfit and was determined to fish stillwater effectively. I was fishing 2-3 times per week and having to false cast line just to lay out a good distance to strip in streamers. This is what molded me into a good distance caster all the while doing it from a seated position. The density of the intermediate line, false casting, and timing to keep the line off the water in my backcast helped me in achieving good distance through practice. It's also what turned me onto fast action rods which are a staple for my stroke. The faster action rod generated more line speed which resulted in more distance. Everything was faster for me...casting stroke=line speed=distance=fly in the water sooner. Thankful for sinking lines.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I am curious as to which rod you are using? I am looking at buying a fast 6wt rod right now.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    G-loomis MAX GLX 1086-4 (9' 6wt) is what I'm casting right now for streamer fishing and have to say its a water loading one shot rocket!

    Also when nymphing heavier flow or big water I use a G-Loomis streamdance GLX HLS 9' 6wt that is fast with a softer tip and more progressive action. If looking just solely for throwing streamers I recommend the Max Glx. But if needing to switch things up to a heavy nymph rig or streamers I like the Streamdance GLX HLS.

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