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View Poll Results: How Far Can You Cast?

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  • A full fly line + some backing 100'

    45 16.48%
  • 70 or 80' you can see backing

    84 30.77%
  • 40 or 50' nice distance but cant see backing

    71 26.01%
  • Just started and are learning to cast

    16 5.86%
  • 50' to 70' far enough for most fish

    57 20.88%
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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Yep! I haven't tried to throw that much with a 5, but I can do it with a stiff six or a ten.
    Then, of course, when it gets there it looks like a dogs breakfast. Forget a straight tippet with the fly landing first (ROFLMAO). Now in the salt fishing streamers this is fine. Its where I want it to be (sort of) and I'm going to be straightening the leader when I retrieve it so I sometimes go for the hero cast. But that much running line on the deck? It catches on everything. My toes, the so called hidden cleats, the trolling motor, itself, any conceivable object. Plus as you say, assuming a fish hits it before you take up the slack, its just going to mock you. I like to keep it forty to sixty feet, and shorter if I can get away with it. Others can do better I'm sure, but for me, that's about the limit if I want any decent degree of control.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    This thread has had a long life. When I put it up there had been a great deal of discussion on distance casting and that was why I posted the poll. looking through the replies I can see that everyone at one time or another tries to dump out a whole line. Sometimes we don't tell anyone but the 'how far can I cast thing' is always in the background.

    I mess with my Spey rods now more than traditional fly rods. Having torn up my right shoulder a few times I don't know if I can still clear the tip top with the line to backing knot anymore. With the Spey rods I consider 100 feet to be a really long cast but don't try that very often. Generally I fish under 80 feet with Spey rods and under 50 with my single hand fly rods. It is good to see that we all enjoy casting a whole bunch!


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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    How far someone casts really isn't important but its still interesting to see how you measure up. At least now I know I'm not doing something totally wrong since most are around my range.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Quote Originally Posted by fenix84 View Post
    How far someone casts really isn't important
    It should not be important to your fellow anglers but it is an important tool to allow the possibility for more success while fishing.

    Some day I hope to learn how to cast that extra 3 feet that the fish always seems to move to when I get the distance to that fish figured out.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Fact is, most of the places I fish, you just don't have the room.

    Of course, I now have the 2- hander.....


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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Long enough to get a strike, yet too short when knowing that monster brown is about another 2' out. Haha!!!

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Maybe because I only fish small rivers, but I've never needed to cast very far. I'd say the absolute farthest I've ever casted would maybe be around 50 or 60 feet? And I'd say 90% of my fishing is probably done under 30 or 40 feet.
    I'm not even sure what the absolute farthest I could cast is. I've never even had the room to go beyond about 60 feet, and have no desire to go to a park and practice something I'd never do in the first place.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I spend my down time or an hour here and there at the casting ponds near my house trying and practicing with different rods. Can't help trying to see "How far can I cast" when there is no fish around. You can only throw at small hula hoops for so long before you feel the need to see how far can I go. I have only been able to cast my whole line and backing using an 8wt or a switch rod. Maybe one day I will get good enough with the 5wt to do it. Currently I can only get about 70-80' with a 5 wt rod and then it also depends on the rod/line and the wind conditions.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Shouldn't the question be " how far can you cast in a straight line with a reasonable loop and on target ? "

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    How far I can cast depends on the rod, the rod wt, the line, the line wt and configuration, the wind, the fly and how fouled the line gets on my foot etc. Casting from a boat is different from casting waist deep which is different from casting over grass. All this said, on a good day with the right gentle breeze and setup I can throw a line to the backing. OTOH, in normal conditions, a little adverse wind, with less castable rigs I'm good to about 60 feet.

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