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View Poll Results: How Far Can You Cast?

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  • A full fly line + some backing 100'

    45 16.48%
  • 70 or 80' you can see backing

    84 30.77%
  • 40 or 50' nice distance but cant see backing

    71 26.01%
  • Just started and are learning to cast

    16 5.86%
  • 50' to 70' far enough for most fish

    57 20.88%
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  1. Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Under perfect conditions I can lay down a cast which leaves the end of the fly line that is connected to my backing within a few inches from my rod tip.

    Notice I stated under perfect conditions. I can not do this on a regular "hey show us how far you can cast" challenge. I have done it a handful of times in the park when practicing.

    Learn to Double Haul your cast and you will see your distances increase rather quickly.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I usually cast 20' farther than Mike Holtum.
    I ain't lying either.
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  3. Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Dealing with smaller river and streams, I don't have to cast long distances. I can if I need to, location is more critical to me.


  4. Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I am a newbe and have been reading some threads and felt I would like to add some imput to this thread. I deal a great deal with a number of flycasters and the main fault I see in casting is not understanding the difference between style and form. Anglers who learn on their own have a tendency to try and look like casters they have seen and wish to cast like. They look good but cannot cast distance and accurate casts. The reason is form IMO. Compentent flycasters cast with different style but the form is constant.
    The problem in being satisfied with short casts is the misteaks in form are practiced over and over until they become ingrained and hard to correct. You may look good but the transition between potential and kinetic energy is never attained to the level you require for a long cast. I believe as others have stated that once you learn to cast long your short casts will be with ease and accuracy.

  5. Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I answered 70-80' in the poll. We take one of those Surveyor's 100' measuring tapes out to check our distance. My longest cast to date with a 5wt. was with a Sage XP (95').

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    Too many factors to consider...with a 6 foot Lee Wulff in the wind and up to my waist in water....not far. With my 10 foot GLX and a long triangle tape..the whole thing IF I'm on dry land, a dock, boat, etc....up to my waist in water with a driving wind with a huge #2 dry fly....not that far for least not all day. With my 15 spey rod...longer than is sensible to be casting when trying to target a fish.

    So I didn't vote.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Quote Originally Posted by silverleapers View Post
    With my 15 spey rod...longer than is sensible to be casting when trying to target a fish.

    Hey another guy with a 15' rod! I've got a 15' 8/9 Meiser I can put a rediculous amount of line out with. I love it.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    I don't even know, never have tried to see how far. I'm sure it would probably be a little farther using my 9' pole instead of my 7' 6" pole.

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Time to collect more data on this one

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    Default Re: How far can you cast?

    Ard....can't answer this question....far enough to catch fish?

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