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View Poll Results: What direction should the sport of Fly Fishing go in?

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  • Traditional view of Fly Fishing

    24 75.00%
  • New, hip, edgier vew, better for the younger generations

    8 25.00%
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    Traditional! Quiet time on a secluded stream, lake, pond or creek. Getting away from the hip, the hop, and all the other clatter of today's world. Give me an ol' favorite rod and reel. Something that feels good in one's hand. Add a handfull of feathers and thread on a hook. No phone. No blackberry. No radio. No TV. Just peace and quiet and some good fish to keep it interesting. Bass, trout, brim or whatever is taking a liking to what you are presenting.

    Show that to the right people and you'll sell the traditional ways to most all who come looking for a great way to spend their time and money. Most every fisherman I've met in the last forty years is looking for peace and quiet and something to brag about later on. Only one or two were really into slick ads, the latest gear or gizmo, and a get in and get out approach to fishing.
    Bob Lang
    Edmond, OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeG View Post
    Guess I will need to go to a different website where the users are more helpful.
    I'm very sorry that you have not gotten the vast number of responses that you were looking for, but I don't think insulting the folks here at this forum is the proper way to recieve more input.

    Perhaps I have misinterpreted your quote from above?

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    "No matter what happens, marketing, age, hip, edgier, come what may, if the people I encounter in any aspect of living my life are reasonable and respectful sorts I will always respond in kind. For those who act otherwise, I still have plenty of Back Casts left."



    Ever seen the movie Macon County Line? Sounds like you ran into a bad bunch and the deck was stacked against you and your friends. My quote above applies to all comers it is not age specific.

    I once had to physically chase a man who looked just like Sargent Carter (from Gomer Pyle fame) away from me in NY. I was kneeling beside a troth in a river bed that held a dozen or so King Salmon. The man (after coming way too close to me) looked into the water and saw the fish. Apparently he thought I was confused and didn't know what to do. I was however allowing the fish to calm down after they had moved from a riffle into the deep troth before I would cast to them. My low profile allowed the fish to feel that they were not being harassed. This method usually promotes a strike as opposed to the fish being agitated and spooky.

    The man began to cast while standing within 12 or so feet of me and plunking his stuff into the run. Not only did the fish get spooked but they began to move upstream and he began to follow. I tried to convey the message to him that I wanted to be left alone. He told me that he would in awhile. I told him I wanted him to leave then. He ignored me. I ask him if he was carrying a gun. He just looked at me. I told him that if he was carrying a gun he was about to need it. He made another cast. It was at this point (after several verbal warnings) I stood up. Apparently Sgt. Carter was surprised to find a 6' 5" 225lb street wise man with a zero tolerance for butt heads attached to my fly rod and as I began the charge he ran. Yes ran, dragging his fly and weights behind him as he went, downstream and out of view.

    I don't know what would have happened had he wanted to fight with me. I came to fish not to fight. Considering how blatantly he challenged me I believe I would have dealt him the same hand that I have learned to dispense whenever I have felt threatened.

    The moral of the story? Bad people come in all age brackets and appearances. Loosing your temper seldom makes one feel superior at the end of the day, and now I simply avoid crowded places. I have a Bush Camp 80 miles off the road system and can reasonably expect to be left alone when there! I leave tomorrow.

    Sorry that you had such a bad time.


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    Repect of the waters, lands, fish, and others on the waters. I run into many teens that are very enthused and well mannered in their approach to fly fishing. They obviously were schooled in the art just like many of us. I have spent many memorial hours with relatives and friends. There are few occasions which are more enjoyable to me than going on a fly fishing trip with the family. The sport will always evolve, but it is up to us to keep the foundation strong.

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