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View Poll Results: What direction should the sport of Fly Fishing go in?

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  • Traditional view of Fly Fishing

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  • New, hip, edgier vew, better for the younger generations

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    Default Direction of Fly Fishing?

    I have an advance marketing/advertising class next semester for school. The basis of the class is to take a product, activity, or design and study it. Decide whether to market it as the current way it is or market it in a new modern way. Of course I am picking fly fishing, you guys are probably thinking why am I doing this now, well the next semester starts on January 5th and I need my topic and research to back it up by then.

    We all know fly fishing has been around for a couple centuries. Humans using fly imitations to some degree since the Roman period. Traditionally the fly fishing we know today has been around at least since the 19th century. Since then it has mostly been a sport of lords in Great Britain fishing for trout within the streams of their great properties. Slowly it merged its way into other countries but has been known mostly as a trout fishing sport. Today's rods are almost nothing like the old rods first used. Flies are smaller and more realistic. Even though the sport has crossed boundaries into Salmon and Sea fishing it is still seen has a delicate presentation of synchronized movements of casting for the perfect trout in the small stream up in the mountains or on the plains. Fisherman outside the sport see it much like that and sometimes think of it as difficult and not worth learning. But we all know once you get the cast down it is quite fun. Your traditional fly fisherman seen in his beige fly fishing vest, waders and straw hat casting into the horizon for the perfect trout. Size may not matter for some trout, quality and physical appearance along with the thrill of catching it on a 3 or 4wt rod is what draws them back. It is seen as a sport of the grandfathers and greatgrandfathers, where your father learned from his father and soon on.

    In the recent years there has been a shift of the normal traditional fly fisherman. Your new hip, edgier fly fisherman who do more than what is traditionally done. Publications such as This is Fly | Fly Fishing Magazine have brought a new image to the sport. An underground urban image to a sport whose image is refined and modest. They have gotten a lot of critisism, from many anglers across the world who prefer the current image and believe they are spoiling and degrading it.

    As we enter the new era should we look to preserve our current image of fly fishing or change it to adapt and branch out to bring more into the mix?

    So I must decide within the course of a semester whether I should chose to market fly fishing as it is currently or try to market it as This is Fly | Fly Fishing Magazine does it. That is why I am creating this post Please be honest with me. Constructive criticism is the best. Online polling is a poor way to create statistical data for a whole population but as fishing goes it is the easiest way to find info.

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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    Everyone who views this please vote on the poll I am trying to gather some reasonable statistical information.

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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    I am not sure what the "new, edgier" approach to fly-fishing is, but I have always viewed it as a relaxing pastime, not only because trout (my preferred prey) really only inhabit beautiful places, but because the art of fly-fishing, with its allied fly-tying, really requires steeping oneself into rituals of the past. This, in a strange way, is relaxing and self-renewing. It's no accident that both fly-fishing and fly-tying originated in England - where else could such an arcane passion have been created.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

  4. Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    It looks like the masses have spoken. I feel the same way as the others. There is nothing better than looking on a river and seeing the smooth flowing whip action of a fly rod on a cold winter morning.


  5. Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    This is an interesting question. I'm not sure your dichotomy quite works, though. In one sense, a good marketing approach would have to both maintain current anglers and reach out to new ones. As for enticing new anglers (or customers), there could be ways to go about it that aren't necessarily hip or edgy, but are simply novel ways to package the elements of fly fishing that have traditionally appealed to many people.

    I think marketing techniques change as culture changes, but it's not exactly a linear progression from old --> edgy. There's new that isn't hip. There's also new/modern that might be reliant on new geographical areas (urban) or demographics (younger, although again, not necessarily in the hip sense).

    I might be making too much of the semantics of your post, but I think there are some ideas percolating that might be worth letting bubble.

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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    If anyone has a better way I can convey this idea to forum members so I can get some reasonable data....i.e. more than 30 votes. Law of Large numbers....the more votes the better.

    The idea behind the class is how do you change an image of a sport that it reaches multiple audiences but at the same time shows a positive image upon outside individuals. A publication like This is Fly | Fly Fishing Magazine has shown a better and more likable image for urban and younger generations. These are dependent events by the way.

  7. Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    Alot of people (correct me if I am wrong) think of fly fishing as an old sport. Meaning that it is for older people. Most people that start flyfishing know a relative or someone close to them that fishes. I would try to target the current demographic, but look for ways to reach out to the new crowd, either through the existing group (probably your best bet) or through other means like classes, etc.


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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    Personally I like the 'Traditional View' of our sport, but as with everything else, "Change is inevitable".
    Our view of 'traditional' now, would be completely Alien to what was considered 'Traditional' 100 yrs ago, Hell..for that matter even 40 years ago!!

    A magazine like the one referrenced would not be my first choice, but it does cater to the sport and if I see it somewhere of course I'm going to pick it up and peruse through it.

    On a side note, I actually do not recieve any publications anymore(other than the T.U. Magazine inc with my membership) because it seemed like they were turning into nothing more than a full blown catalogue.

    Just my .02 worth.

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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?


    The basis of the class is to take a product, activity, or design and study it. Decide whether to market it as the current way it is or market it in a new modern way.
    Ok, either this isn't really what they are after, or they are being too tricky. I say this because all one needs to do to determine if current marketing means are sufficient is look at sales growth and compare it to related industries/fields and the economy as a whole. If it is as good or better, might as well stick with what is working.

    Well, there's also the competitve environment to consider. If you're going to sell something fairly differentiated from other offerings out there, you may have success using popular marketing methods. If you're going to sell something similar to other options, you'll need to market it differently, because to competition has already reached those for whom their marketing practices are most apt.

    I also would reconsider a notion you seem to be operating under- that one consumer can only be appealed to by one method or the other- traditional or modern. This would assume that there's no one wearing Korkers and swinging Bamboo, fishing traditional English Wets on a Sage Z-Axis and Sharkskin, or fishing the latest Skagit techniques wearing wool and Oiled canvas.

    I really like this topic and will contribute how I can to your project. Got a Marketing major, Econ minor, and have worked in the industry. Currently working in Print Marketing.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Direction of Fly Fishing?

    I like the tradition. I still think of myself as young, at least young minded. All except for the **** music on the radio and MTV.
    I don't like the IN-YOUR-FACE fishing of some of the "now" generation. Some manufactures are advertising towards that style. The balls to the walls style. I think some of you know what I'm talking about. Fastest rods, biggest fish, hardest places to get to.
    Maybe I'm not as young as I think I am.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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