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View Poll Results: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own?

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Holy Cow Patrick, thats quite an arsenal,

    I am going to assume you will fit in real well here with the rest of the fine hoarders or fly rods that frequent this place.
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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Yes, that's a lot of tubes, which have an extraordinary talent for sliding around.
    Very unwieldy. Hard to fish something out the closet sometimes.

    I went through a small rod phase. The L'il Streamer was the apotheosis. It's a remarkable rod. The secret is oversize guides, and a lot of them. Once you get used to waving something the size of a tomato stake around, you can toss quite a long cast. The relatively heavy line allows for use of bigger flies. I bought it for creeping around small streams, but I have used it in big water, such as the Housatonic in Conn. and the Esopus in N.Y., with good results.

    My cousin's husband bought one and he uses it for largemouth in a lake, while sitting on one of those hybrid board-kayak things.

    It does draw some quizzical looks from other anglers.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    I have two 3 wt's
    Two 4 wt's
    One 8 wt
    One 5 wt
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  4. Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    I have one 6 wt, will probably buy another one or two here soon.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Just and 8wt and 9wt. But I only started this season sooo I may find myself with a few more especially if I venture into freshwater

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    My quiver =

    winston GVX 7'9" 3wt
    winston LT 8'9" 4wt
    sage DS2 9' 4wt
    sage vantage 9' 5wt
    white river 9'6" 5wt
    sage SLT 9' 6wt
    scott A3 10' 6wt
    sage rpl+ 9' 8wt

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Maybe im an odd one in the sport as ill only really have 3 rods.

    Currently I have 2
    St.croix imperial 5wt
    St.croix imperial 8wt

    Next year im getting a st.croix imperial 3wt to complete the collection. I really dont see a need outside those 3 rods but I also slimmed down my spinning rod collection from 14 to only 2.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Currently have 5

    7'6" 4 wt. Cabela's Prestige (the Mrs.)
    7'6" 4 wt. Orvis Brook Trout (MY Baby! )
    9' 5 wt. Sage Graphite III
    8'6" 7 wt. Fenwick Glass (Grandpa's)
    12' 8 wt. G. Loomis Steelhead
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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    I have nine:

    7'9" 3wt Sage LL
    7'4" 4wt Sage SPL
    8'6" 4wt R.L. Winston IM6
    8'8" 4wt Scott G series
    8'8" 5wt Scott G series
    9' 5wt T&T Paradigm
    8'6" 6wt Scott G Series
    9'6" 6wt Sage SLT
    9' 7wt Sage RPL

    The 8'6" 6wt Scott was my first fly rod and is still my favorite.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Does this mean whole fly rods, ones which are going to be rebuilt, in construction or blanks/ w reel seats and the ect.? *(I guess having the materials all together is kind of like a woman being pregnant?)

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