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Poll: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own?

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    Poll results won't be sent to our spouses will they??!!

    More than 10 for me.
    Seriously, I don't have a fly rod problem, I'm just in the process of replacing all my pre-built rods with ones I've custom built.
    At some point that number will stabilize(ish).

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

    I am new to this but so far I have been very, very lucky and was able to get my hands on the following rods, most all of which I was able to get either via ebay or from members here all who either had injuries or folks died and their family was selling their stuff:
    2wt 6' 6" Winston LT
    2wt 7' Thomas and Thomas LPS
    3wt Winston BIII X
    5wt Winston BIII X
    8wt Thomas and Thomas Emerger
    9wt La Crosse Custom .

    Everyone of these is a keeper but the two 2wts. I plan to fish them both for brook trout in the mountain streams around here this spring and summer. One of them if going to feel like it was made for me and the other probably will feel great but that it needs to find a home with someone else from here. Right now hard to justify keeping two of the same thing. Anyway my current 7 rods will probably go down to 6 by the end of the summer.
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    I only have 8 rods NOW..
    4 singles and 4 doubles. I used to have way too many.
    3wt 7ft blue halo
    3/4wt 8ft eagle claw
    5wt 8ft blue halo
    8wt 7'10" Redington predator

    2wt 10'8" Gary Anderson Elite Switch
    5wt 10FT true switch Frankeinstein rods (parts taken from different rods) rods cast SH and DH like a stolen car.
    5wt 11'11" Gloomis IMX Pro
    7wt 12'7" Gary Anderson Spey

    out of those 8 only 2 or 3 rods that got all the calls.
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