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Fish Bones 02-02-2005 10:30 PM

How Many Fly Rods Do You Own
OK folks here's a poll. Tell us how many fly rods do you presently own. We won't tell your spouse. :lol:

Cliff Hilbert 02-03-2005 07:29 AM

Three - a 9' - 6/7-wt., an 8 1/2' - 4-wt., and a 7' - 3-wt.

dougm 02-03-2005 08:39 AM


Thanks for responding but you're also supposed to vote at the top of the page.


DAVY WOTTON 02-03-2005 06:07 PM

l guess l can admit that one without any undue problems from her in doors,
Something in excess of 50 from to 0 to 15wt, Fact l may well have a sale this year and will let you guys know whats going.

Please do not ask me which one is my favorite, all l will tell you if you do is the one l have in my hand that the fish is bending at that time.

But of course l do have a few l love to fish with for many reasons, they bring back a great many memories of places l have fished, them, trophy fish l have caught using them, and they are a extension of my inner feelings to ward fly fishing. My belief is that a rod has to feel this way before you are, shall we say on the same wave length !!!! or line !!

PP. I know Dave Whitlock had a bunch also for sale. contact me via my e-mail if you wish more details of those.


Cliff Hilbert 02-04-2005 07:38 AM

Davy when you go fishing do you have a couple of helpers along to carry all your rods?? :P :P :P

DAVY WOTTON 02-04-2005 07:54 AM

How many rods
Funny you should ask me that Cliff,

I did have that at one time. When l used to do the fly casting demos for a event in the UK, l had this guy who would carry all my rods l used for that purpose.
Have not found any one as yet to do that whilst fishing on the river, any volunteers out there. ?

Pass me the TFO 10ft 4 wt, l can just see that, in fact l think l will place a ad Cliff for the position.


Troutboy 02-04-2005 06:45 PM

i have 4 3wt, 5 wt 2 8wt..

Fish Bones 02-04-2005 07:22 PM

Hey Troutboy:

You must like 3wt rods.

birddogs 02-06-2005 06:24 AM

no creel he has 4 rods.. a 3wt, a 5wt and 2 8wts... guess it depends on how ya read it. tom

Fish Bones 02-06-2005 08:28 AM


Perhaps you're right. I read it your way first but then noticed that the vote for "5 or more" had increased by one vote. That lead me to assume troutboy had a total of 7 rods. Oh well... perhaps he'll clear it up for us soon.


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