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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    I have two big boxes that are seperated into dries, poppers, and all other surface bugs in one. And streamers, nymphs, wets in the other. Then I fill my two little boxes in my vest from them for what I will need that day.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    I carry 4 boxes in my vest. One box for drys, one box for nymphs, one box for what I consider wets, and a box for streamers. Find it easier to match the stream conditions this way.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    I organize mine by the type they are
    1) mayflies nymphs
    2) Stonefly nymphs
    3) dry flies
    4) soft hackles
    5) midge nymphs
    6) streamers
    7)Woolly Buggers

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    I also organize mine by the type, Wet flies in two boxes and dries in two additional boxes.
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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    Quote Originally Posted by FISHN50 View Post
    Organize !!!! Your supposed to organize them ????
    I'm of the " I think I put that fly in here " mentality. But I might just do that... What a concept.
    +1 .... almost. Have half a dozen fly boxes in the Jeep and three more in the office. I think I open two of them over the course of a year; no idea what's in the other ones.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    Salmon/Sea trout
    Annoying difficult to categorise
    Flies i actually use

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    A couple of boxes of experimental and/or bad ties( my own)
    A box or section for types, like redfish crack type flies and then slots within the box for ones of similar colors. Baitfish streamers get another box, shrimp flies another, clousers another.

    A box for my most recent ties.

    Finally, a trip box that pulls flies from the other boxes selected by what season, conditions, or fish I'm after. This might go to 2 boxes.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    One box for nymphs, one for streamers, one for everything caddis, one for hoppers/ants, etc, etc....

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    I have two boxes. One has all my dry flies and streamer/terrestrial. The other has all my nymphs.

    I arrange the dries and nymphs according to fly species. So all the caddis are together, all the midges together etc... Same for dry flies.

    Seems to work for me.

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    Default Re: How Do You Organize Your Flies?

    Mine are generally organized by fish species, but there's a bit of crossover with some boxes. I have many boxes & many flies. For example, there are boxes that hold different types of flies to cover the water column, top to bottom that I may use for bass or Striped bass. I'll change them around too at times, depending on where I may intend to fish. There are a couple of older Plano boxes with carry handles that I call my boat boxes, since that's when I get the most use from them. They are a mix of fly types. We had a real good thread here awhile back where folks posted pics of their fly boxes and contents.
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