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    Default TrophyShots...Hello! You Can Enter To Win Now.

    Hello and Happy Holidays!

    I'm new to the forum and have a lot to learn from you all.

    Been fishing my whole life but never got into FLYFISHING...only spinning rods and primarily whipping lures and live bait along the shoreline.

    Thought it may be beneficial to sign up as a Business Member too, since I plan to be active here and enjoy myself.

    TrophyShot Prints - Trophy Shot Prints

    I'd like to bring something of value with me in this introductory post

    """NAFFF RAFFLE"""

    (1) Custom Enhanced TrophyShot Ready-to-Display 11x17 Metal Print Showpiece ($155 value) delivered to your door to the LUCKY WINNER

    Names will be placed in the hat and the LUCKY WINNER will be drawn
    by my 8 year old daughter Andreana on January 6 her BIRTHDAY!!!

    In order to register please visit my website and go to my CONTACT PAGE and all you need to do is 3 things!!!

    Provide these details...(important)

    1. NA Fly Fishing Forum "RAFFLE"
    2. Username
    3. email (only be used to contact WINNER)

    Once the winner is announced here I will ask that person to UPLOAD to my website...and I'll do the rest!!!

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays from me and my wife and daughter...we are TrophyShot Prints - Trophy Shot Prints

    Happy Holidays!


    TrophyShot Prints - Trophy Shot Prints

    "NAFFF RAFFLE LIST" (Updates)

    Ticket#1_ caseywise
    Ticket#2_ ctshooter
    Ticket#10_ nancy ak
    Ticket#12_Trout King
    Ticket#21_Littledavid 123
    Ticket#25_j born

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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello!

    Welcome and hope you do become a business member since many of us enjoy contests / raffles.
    - William

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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello!

    Nice welcoming, guess I should take more pictures of my catches.

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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello!

    I guess I need to start catching something to take a picture of.
    Details Count

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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello!

    welcome to the forum



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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello!

    Thanks everyone much appreciated!

    I will be keeping track of all the names registered via my website as I will not accept any here on this post or via PM's...I'm busy with TrophyShots all day almost every day.

    I will send a reply email to everyone and issue you your raffle#

    And UPDATE my OP with names and Number#'s periodically.

    I received you contact info Casey!
    Good luck brother!


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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello! You Can Enter To Win Now.

    Welcome!! Very cool service!! I did a review for a company that put photos on canvass which was great but they just didn't offer the photo retouching and let's face it, canvass is kind of.....bland. the metalic prints sound incredible. Do you have any pics of metalic prints on walls? Seems silly, but I am trying to get a visual perspective of they pop from a flat wall.
    Less likey, more green dots

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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello! You Can Enter To Win Now.

    I'm in. Looks like great work!

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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello! You Can Enter To Win Now.

    Quote Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
    Welcome!! Very cool service!! I did a review for a company that put photos on canvass which was great but they just didn't offer the photo retouching and let's face it, canvass is kind of.....bland. the metalic prints sound incredible. Do you have any pics of metalic prints on walls? Seems silly, but I am trying to get a visual perspective of they pop from a flat wall.
    Thank you!
    And I received your info...My friend you have Ticket#3

    In regards to your comments they're spot on!

    Because I new here I'll go to length to explain a few things about myself and my Digital Enhancements and Products...a little history if I may, in the hopes it'll help everyone to know more about TrophyShot Prints - Trophy Shot Prints

    As an avid outdoorsman, wildlife conservationist, wildlife photographer, hunter, and fisherman....I sometimes capture photos that simply blow my mind of the beauty in nature; Perhaps, a scenic shot of a very beautiful place that I simply adore. And I have certain trophy shot photos of special hunts that I would like printed just for the memory of it all.

    For me...I love my home...and what makes my home special is because I make it me and I make it my family...I make it us!

    As a former Landscape Designer & Contractor my mind "sees" things...I'm always looking at how to make things more functional around the home...and how to INTERIOR DESIGN everything around me to create the warmth, love, and beauty I treasure...Bottom-line is I need to have an environment that is "casually elegant" doesn't need to be expensive at all nor all too much refined...just a class/style that reflects a VISUAL person...I want a home that represents me, my life, and my own STYLE...especially my PASSIONS!

    This was my motivation for opening up my business!

    And all my customers obviously feel the same way that I do...they value me as an artist and printer that has the professional abilities to create QUALITY and VALUE and SHOWPIECES that they are proud to display in their homes and offices.


    Because the QUALITY of my prints "represent" and "reflects" their lifestyle and passions...My SERVICE does this for them!

    I share that foundation just to say..."There is NO way anyone can get fine quality prints if there is no digital-enhancements/editing/re-touching done on the image ain't going to happen.

    And the better the digital-artist or re-toucher it is safe to say the better chance one has at a quality photo...then add the fact the same goes for the print process...then we get a double-whammy!

    This is why I've found my niche' and business is growing steadily...until now there has been no business that does both Custom Enhancements and offer Fine-Quality Prints the way I do.

    Like you mentioned, lots of discount photo labs offer prints...but there is NO service offered like our Custom Enhancements...Why?

    Because its much too labor-intensive...the prices they would have to charge would be much too high for the average consumer! It would NOT be profitable for them!

    Then how can I be successful doing it?

    I am successful because my customers although they want a print as an end-product,,,in actuality they are buying ME...yes, they are buying my digital-enhancement abilities and VISION and my ARTISTRY and they are buying my Seal of Excellence!

    The folks that are NOT my customers are just folks who want a simple print of their trophy shot photo to hang on their wall.

    However, my customers/clients are folks who want ME to CREATE a CUSTOM VISION and SHOWPIECE to DISPLAY in their home and/or office from their trophy shot photo. My customers place the VALUE on ME and MY PRINTS.

    Whereas, the average Joe just wants a $1.49 (8x10 print) from their local Walmart or Walgreen's...and that is not a bad just is what it is

    My business is NOT for everyone...I am not deceived

    This is my PASSION...this is all I do...I'm like a crack-addict I can never have enough...after I'm done with one SHOWPIECE I'm already excited to see and create a VISION for my new PIECE for my next special customer who is counting on me to do him/her an incredible PIECE from an average/mediocre image file!!!

    I love it!

    So that's why my service is AWESOME...because my customers are buying ME and Excellence is Paramount always!

    The day I can't offer that...then I'll need to hang it up!

    But I'm only getting started and our (me/wife) business is only growing at a sure but gradual pace...I want to own this business and not have this business own me...I enjoy what I do...I don't need HIGH-VOLUME nor do I desire it...I love it as it is right now...I do this full-time and I do not sub-contract out any of my design/digital-enhancement work...its first come first serve and my customers don't mind waiting in line if they have to...generally the wait time is anywhere from 2-3 days out for me to start my work on their image file...and it takes another 3-4 days for my printer to process the print and within 4 days get it delivered to their's pretty QUICK!!!

    Again, I did a bunch of explaining here about my SERVICE and who I am...I hope this will help other members here to know what I'm all about!

    Now time to go and drink a cup of coffee before I hop to it...I have received two orders today...Perfect....and the one from I have (3) orders to work on between today and tomorrow...and that's just about my daily average on the high-side...some days one, some days two, some days six...

    However, generally I put in 12 hours a day and do three images!!!

    On average it takes 2-3+ hours for me to create a SHOWPIECE....there are no one-click auto enhance features in my digital dark room or Photoshop Actions to do this work for me...I work down to the pixel-level and every minute is like brain surgery as I try to eek out all the data from these files and massage them in a way to bring out MY VISION with clarity!

    Bless you folks and have a great day!
    I'll check in when I take a break later today!!!

    If you ever have any questions or need help/suggestions for a project you're thinking about...just give me a call/email...I'd love to help and chat it's FREE!



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    Quote Originally Posted by mridenour View Post
    I'm in. Looks like great work!

    I got your info brother!

    Ticket#4 is yours!!!
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    Default Re: TrophyShots...Hello! You Can Enter To Win Now.

    Roland: Welcome to the forum and a big thanks for stepping up and helping to support us by becoming a Business Member!

    Very nice work on your web site, your photography skills are awesome!


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