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    fly logic any good?

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    Reels or Rods?

    I'm as qualified as most to speak to their reels. I've got two reels,an FLP567 and an FLO456.

    The FLP was given to me by my cousin to get me started. It's a cast reel with a baked-on finish. It had seen a good deal of use before I got it, and he subjected it to some pretty rough treatment. Their is some of the finish missing from the bottom rear of the frame, spool lip and reel foot, but it is still very functional if not pretty. The reel is a one way clicker type with a center disc drag.

    The FLO was purchased used with virtually no use on it. This is a fully machined reel with anodized finish (green moss). The reel is a one-way clutch type reel with a center disc drag. The one-way clutch allows for silent retrieve and engages the drag immediately once the spool starts to pay out line (in contrast to the clicker engagement mechanisms which have a little back play prior to engaging). The setup on their LA series is very similar, if not identical to the FLO.

    Both reels are classic in appearance with circular porting on the frame and sides of the spools. The LA series is a more aggressively ported design with larger and more rectangular porting. As far as operation, both drags can provide plenty of resistance with good adjustability. The spindles are both stainless steel, and the reels come with a self-lubricating oil impregnated brass bushings. They both have "3-way" adjustable drag alarms that can be set from silent to medium to loud click. I don't know they point of a silent drag with a clicker type reel retrieve on the FLP, but it has that feature. Incidentally, there isn't a lot of difference between medium and loud click. The spools are well balanced on both, so there isn't that wobble that you find on many reels, even those costing $200. They both have Mighty Mate adjustments to maintain the correct tolerance between reel and spool as the reel breaks in. That is nice, because the spool doesn't develop slop over the life of the reel. Both reels are classic in appearance with circular porting on the frame and sides of the spools. The LA series is a more aggressively ported design.

    That said, I can find some drawbacks. The FLO, the one-way clutch doesn't allow the spool to rotate as freely as I would like. It is nice to be able to "slap" the reel to take up slack line once a fish strikes, but that isn't as doable with this reel as I would hope. Even after a few years, I only get about 1.5 rotations after spinning the spool with your free hand. The FLP (well broken-in) spins several times before coming to rest, allowing the fisherman to gain more line with each slap. Neither drag is sealed, which may or may not be a big deal to you depending on how and where you fish. The drag knobs both get pretty loose when the drag is set loose. Not to the point of feeling like they are going to come apart, but the knobs on my other reels typically feel nice and tight. The FLP is a little heavy due to the cast construction, and the clicker has more backplay than some more expensive reels, but it isn't excessive by any means. I don't want to comment too much on the chipping of the baked coating on my FLP because I didn't have it when it was new and I know it saw a lot of use. If that is an issue, you might consider the platinum color. It looks like that might just be a bare aluminum with a bead blasted finish which wouldn't chip. Even if the platinum is a coated reel, maybe the color would make potential chips less noticeable.

    For the money, they are both well made and come with nice features. The FLP is listed at around $115 on their site, but I wouldn't pay the MSRP for either one, especially for the FLO. The sticker on my FLO from a few years back was $290, and they now list for the mid $300's. For that price, you can get a Ross Evolution or Vexsis, or even a Nautilus FW or FW+, Bauer, or many others. The Fly Logic reels can be picked up at an online auction for $85 and $169 respectively, and those prices seem fair.

    I'd recommend picking up the FLP at $85 to start. I think its a very decent reel, functionally better than Orvis, Cabela's or other reels costing up to $50 more. At $170, I'd suggest looking for older model Ross Evolution rather than the FLO. A few new reels are still out there around than price.

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