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Kerry Pitt 03-11-2010 03:11 PM

Wright & Mcgill waders
Last year I decided I had to get rid on my 5mm Cabela's neoprenes. Where I used to fish they were great because the water was always on the cold side.
Once I started fishing in Southern Alberta, I knew I had to change them out for brathables or they would kill me with the heat.
I wore them one rainy day, it turned into a sunny afternoon and at 41C it did not take long for me to regret having them. The air was too hot and the water too cold. I lost about 35lbs. that day from dehydration and had a kydney stone that took a week to pass.
I started looking that day actually and went to a couple of stores in the area. My biggest challenge was finding a pair that I could get my feet into.
I have size 13 feet, with a very high arch and while I could sort of get waders on, I needed my faithful fishing partner Ray, to pull them off for me.....something no fishing partner should ever have to do.
I tried a number of pairs up to size 14 but no luck.
I went online and looked for a pair with a wider neck where my feet would slip into the stocking foot part as the problem was the gortex material was not elastic so the neoprene could not expand more than the opening of the leg itself.
I wrote to a couple of stores and finally took a chance on Wright and Mcgill waders.
As it turned out they fit just fine, I can get them off my feet by myself and they are just a good comfortable wader to boot.
They come with a back support already on the strap, reinforced knees and other points of wear.
The waders are comfortable and they have thus far escaped injury on the pungee sticks the ever present beavers have left for unsuspecting fisher people.
The waders look great and show evidence of good workmanship.
Up here I was looking at $370.00 from a mailorder company in Canada. Once again I followed my wallet and bought them south of the border for $279.00 free shipping.
I would say they are a good quality wader, I am not saying they are better than anyone else, just that if you need a pair they are a safe buy in my opinion.....Kerry

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