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Thread: The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box

  1. Default The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box

    The New Dry-Tech MRT Fly Box

    Moisture that becomes trapped inside fly boxes can be damaging to flies. Replacing wet flies or fishing in wet or humid conditions can cause hooks to rust and fly tying materials to deteriorate. The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box uses Moisture Reduction Technology (MRT) to eliminate the harmful effects of humidity inside a fly box. Moisture from wet flies that generally accumulates inside is now soaked up continuously by unique absorbent crystals. Wet flies placed back in the box will dry out completely as the moisture from them is drawn out of the box and away from other flies as well. These crystals also maintain a constant dry humidity level of only 10-15% and protect flies from dampness at all times. This reduces the deterioration of hooks, thread, & fly-tying materials and extends their durability, lifespan, and the investment in your flies. A Humidity Indicator Test Strip is included with each box to demonstrate the effects and benefits of the MRT Design.[img2="left"][/img2]

    Herb Imondi of says, "To say that the Dry-Tech MRT (Moisture Reduction Technology) Fly Boxes from Angling Designs are a design innovation for fly fishermen is an understatement. As a full time writer/developer, and former river guide with a life long passion for fly fishing, I am in awe of the advancement in fly box technology by Angling Designs for all fly fishermen Worldwide."

    How Does It Work?
    The fly box uses environmentally safe, odorless, non-toxic gel crystals that continuously absorb and store moisture. The technology behind these crystals allows them to store this moisture in a non-liquid form so that water cannot accumulate or be spilled inside the box. Recessed inside the lid in a special container, these orange crystals turn color when they begin to reach their maximum absorption capacity which is typically between 5-8 individual fishing days for the Small MRT box. An individual fishing day is any one day when flies are used and replaced wet inside the box. The variance in days is related to the number, size, and the water retaining qualities of the flies you use. When the beads turn color, the removable crystal container can be quickly regenerated in a conventional microwave oven. When refreshed, their absorption potential and original color are restored. This regeneration process can be repeated for long term service.

    Test Results/Hook Corrosion
    A comprehensive test was performed on the Dry-Tech MRT fly box in order to analyze the effectiveness and benefits of the Moisture Reduction Technology design. Tests with both saltwater and freshwater flies were conducted. Below are 2 references from this 3 page report:

    [img2="left"][/img2]After 16 repetitions of drying the same saltwater flies in the Dry-Tech MRT fly box without freshwater rinsing "An evaluation of the stainless steel hooks by microscope and X-Ray revealed no corrosion"

    "After extensive testing, the Dry-Tech MRT fly box proved very efficient in drying flies inside the box, and virtually eliminated hook corrosion in both saltwater and freshwater flies."

    The Small MRT Box

    The Small MRT Box (6.25" x 4.25"x 1.5") employs a single MRT crystal container and is ideal for small to medium-large trout flies including midges, nymphs, and dry flies. The lid offers both flat foam and slit foam sections, and the bottom foam is a graduated ridge design for assorted sized flies. In general, the MRT Container will need regeneration every 5-8 individual fishing days and will probably vary based upon your own personal fishing habits and usage. Rich, high quality foam repels water and keeps flies in place. For extended trips or usage, reusable back-up crystal containers are available. The box is completely waterproof & airtight. Rugged, durable, lifetime construction. Made in USA. MSRP $39.95.

    The Large MRT Box

    [img2="left"][/img2]The Large MRT box ( 8.75"x 5.0"x 1.75" ) is the BEST saltwater fly box on the market... Period. It employs a double container design for larger freshwater and saltwater flies. In general, regeneration may be required after every 5-8 individual fishing days. This is just an average and may vary based upon the number, size, and the water retaining qualities of the flies you use.

    For extended trips, extensive use of large freshwater or saltwater flies in high humidity climates, optional reusable MRT containers are available as backup replacements. Velvet-like charcoal slit foam is used on both sides for convenient fly storage. 100% waterproof and airtight. Rugged, durable, lifetime construction. Made in USA. MSRP $44.95.

    Humidity Indicator Test Strip

    A Humidity Indicator Test Strip is included with each box to demonstrate the effects and benefits of the MRT Design. This simple test can be done with a new box and just a few wet flies.

    To purchase your Dry Tech MRT Fly Box
    Click Here

  2. Default Re: The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box

    I really like mine. it's still new but has worked so far. I'll post another comment after I've had it on the water a couple more months. I do like the fact it has a tight seal and drying agent is refreshable.

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