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lcnsac 09-19-2011 02:20 AM

Humminbird Smart Cast RF-35 Fish Finder Review
The Smart Cast RF 35 beats any small portable fish finder I've ever used, including its big brother Fishin' Buddy.

The screen gives you water temp, depth, bottom structure, and shows fish. The toggle position is a conventional digital watch.

Several years ago a few of us were on Crowley Lake in So. California and the bite was off. I noticed what looked like a stump on the bottom, about 12' deep and it was outlined with suspended trout. With an indicator I pulled eight browns to 18" off that stump in less than 30 minutes. I beat everyone else in our group 3:1 that day and although I'm love to credit my fishing prowess, it's the Smart Cast that gets most of the credit.

For some odd reason, the Smart Cast seems to be more sensitive than some of the larger finders. It detects fish in shallow areas that other, larger finders do not.

It's so simple. There's a remote wireless sonar that transmits to the wrist unit from about 100' max, although you probably won't use that distance. I have a 25# test fishing line, about 10' long attached to mine with a swivel on the bitter end which I attach to any D-ring on the tube or pontoon. It operates from a small pancake battery that lasts for at least two years. When you're done, just throw the sonar in your gear bag or your pocket and you're done.

At around $60 now, The Smart Cast is a no-brainer spend for the float tuber or 'toon fisherman. Highly recommended!

jack crack jones 09-19-2011 12:17 PM

Re: Humminbird Smart Cast RF-35 Fish Finder Review
Been curious about those for a while. Are you just dragging it behind your float or do you cast and retrieve it? I'd be interested to know how it performs on a cast/retrieve from shore.

lcnsac 09-20-2011 11:12 AM

Re: Humminbird Smart Cast RF-35 Fish Finder Review
I have only used it to drag behind my float tube, however it is meant to be cast as well. Reads up to 100' per Humminbird.

The downside for casting is that if you use light line you could lose it. I'd have a separate rod with 20# test or so, dedicated to the Smart Cast, unless I was using heavy line anyway.

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