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    The majority of Cortland's 555 series feature their proprietary mono-core as depicted here. Vastly different than the more conventional braided centers, the mono-core lines tend to be somewhat larger in diameter than their more traditional counterparts. Consequently, a mono-core 555 will occupy more space on the spool resulting in the loss some backing.

    However, not all 555 lines feature the mono-core center. The 555 Dyna-Tip is just such an example. It features a low memory nylon braided core that has little effect on the diameter of the line.

    It may be important to note that the increased diameter of the mono-core lines does not imply that they are "heavier" than their counterparts. The fact is the first 30-feet of a 5-weight line will weigh between 134 and 146 grains regardless of the core. That's the AFTMA standard.


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    Thank you for the clarification on the 555 Dyna-Tip fly line. Since I was planning on buying this line for my 9wt salmon rod I did not really want to lose valuable backing room on the spool. Thank you.

    Tie One On

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    Just this week I tried a 555 Ghost Tip WF5F/F. It floated and shot through the guides great, but the coating fealt like a plastic tube, and was sort of sticky in my line hand. I had to return the line; I just couldn't get used to the feel.

    Does the 555 Dyna TIp have a different coating with a different feel?
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

    Kayaks: Just part of the drag system

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    Hi Jake,

    Because its construction is different from the other 555's, I think you will like the feel of the Dyna-Tip ... I know I do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tie one on
    555 Dyna-Tip High Float

    I was at my favorite flyshop in my area of Michigan this past Saturday morning & asked about this line. One of the guys mentioned that in order to get this "high floating" Cortland had a increase the line diameter. Has anyone heard this same comment ? I know I can trust the guys at this shop, but now my curiousity is up. According to the articles I've read & comments from many of you this line works like a dream. Any additional thoughts or comments. I want to be sure before I spend the $55 for this line.

    Tie One On
    I have yet to find a reputable flyshop that wont take back a line if it isnt what you like. Ask about their return policy or ask Steve. Steve will replace your line if you dont like it.

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