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  1. Default Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    [img2="left"][/img2]The Fly Fishing Column: A Product Update©
    Cortland’s 555 High Float Dyna-Tip
    Featuring: WF-5-F
    By Doug Macnair

    This report rounds out the Triad of reviews dealing with Cortland’s fly line highlights for 2005. Thus far, we’ve covered the 444 Sylk and the 444SL Precision Taper, now comes the 555 High Float Dyna-Tip. It is the final nail in what is one of the finest crafted coffins in the world -- it’s the only coffin that I know of that will make your fly fishing game more alive than ever. I call that a creative coffin ... And since a coffin is a vault of sorts, it seems a good place safeguard these lines when not in use – they are valuable!

    The 555 High Float Dyna-Tip. This is a great addition to a continuing history of great fly lines. The High Float does just exactly that – float high. That means, of course, less effort on your part when lifting into the backcast. It also means less disturbance to the water’s surface during the lift. Remember those roster-tails you usually have? They become a thing of the past, provided of course, that you don’t get sloppy in your casting stroke.

    Unlike most of the other 555s, the High Float does not have a chambered mono core; instead, the core is braided nylon. Other than that, the High Float enjoys the attributes of remainder of the 555 family. Let there be no doubt, the Cortland High Float is one helluva line. Perhaps more remarkably than anything else, it’s purported to have the lowest specific gravity in the industry. (I’ve heard it’s less than 6.) Little wonder it floats so high! To be sure, it is a joy to handle.

    So how does it cast? From what’s already been said, if you guessed “fantastic,” you guessed correctly. Supple, durable, no memory, and with a great guarantee, it would be hard to wish for more. My longest measured cast is/was 101-feet. I think that borders on the fantastic for a 5-weight … I think you will agree. Quite candidly, I was amazed. While I had other long casts with this rig, I may never repeat this accomplishment again.

    I use this as a simple example to amplify what this line can do in the hands of the skilled caster armed with the right rod, leader and tippet. Distance, however, is but a small part of the fly fishing game. There are few, if any, situations that warrant extreme distance. If you’ve had trouble throwing 60 to 70-feet, I highly recommend the 555 High Float. I’m certain you will attain your goal.

    Long casting is one thing, catching fish quite another. Of the two, I highly commend catching fish. You can of course use string … but if you want big fish try this line. If a line can make a difference the High Float will. What more can I say … tip casting, trick casting, gentle presentations … This line does it all. It proves, once again, that the fly line is the most important aspect of the sport -- more important than the fly rod or fly reel.

    Is there a shortfall to the 555 High Float? You bet! The packaging hasn’t kept pace with new 444’s; consequently, expect the same old cardboard box without an interactive CD. However, I doubt that either is a requirement for fly fishers more advanced in experience, technique, and age. After all, I’ve lived for seventy years with the cardboard box and the idea of an interactive CD was (and sometimes still is) beyond my comprehension.

    If you have a desire to show your buddies just how a pro does it, I would be the first to recommend trying the Cortland High Float Dyna-Tip. And when your fellows watch you in awe and ask, “How did you do that?” Remember: just shrug your shoulders and casually remark, “When you’ve fly fished as long as I have, you get a feel for these things.” And as I like to say: Whatever does it best for you is the very best there is!

    For more information about the 555 Series, contact: The Cortland Line Company, Inc. 3736 Kellogg Road, P.O. Box 5588, Cortland, NY 13045-5588. 1-(607) 756-2851.

    - 30 –
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  2. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    Doug, based on this and a couple of other reviews of this line, plus personal experience with this company over the years, I picked up this line in a five weight. The tip is kind of strange. Thought I had a defective line as it is almost a rough texture. Not that it does not zing through the guides but it is strange. Contacted Cortland and they said this is the high float coating. I have not yet gotten to fish this line but have cast it out in the front yard (no grass carp landed) and I have to say, I have NEVER felt such a smooth and slick finish on a lines body in my life. Am excited to try it out on some water when it settles down a little.

    So, does the tip float like they say it does?
    All Means All

  3. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    It floats like a dream. I now have it on my 4wt and my 5wt. I used to have trouble with my braided loop occasionally sinking. Not anymore with that line coupled with the Cortland Floating Braided Leader Loop. Great set up.

  4. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    Hi Curtis,

    It takes a licking and keeps on licking -- Burma Shave! (I probably got that wrong, didn't I.) The truth is as Steve suggests. It real, really works...

    There was a time a couple of years ago when I gave the edge to Scientific Anglers for great lines -- but Cortland closed the gap and now may have the lead with the triad of new lines they brought out for 2005 to include another of my favorites, the Sylk.

    I know you will love this line ...



  5. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    I may have to look into some of this line. Sounds wonderfull.

  6. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    I still have not gotten it wet but have yard casted quite a bit. I must say I am liking it so far. It is extremely supple without any memory so far. It shoots like a dream and if it floats like it says, I may just be in love. I have always liked Cortland lines. One of my all time favorites is still the classic peach 444. I was really impressed with the float of the 555 original but man, that thing had the worst memory of any line I have ever used. I am sure it would be great in the tropics but for cold water fishing I just did not like it. They have taken care of that part with the new dyna tip lines. If they float like the other 555's, they definately have a winner.
    All Means All

  7. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    Does this line work well for higher weight rods also ? I need a new floating line for my 9wt rod ? ( I just bought a new reel for it too, so I'm looking for a good line. ) I had done "chuck/duck", but I just cannot cast accurately enough to suit. I had read another article about this line & it basically said the same thing as you have. Thanks for the update.

    Tie One On

  8. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    In my opinion -- Yes. Along with the Rocket and Sylk, it is probably one of the finest lines ever developed by Cortland.

    And if you are having trouble with your cast, try going to my site and downloading "Excerpts." It's free and is the same booklet I give to my students; however, it is not a booklet to the read one day and tried another. Instead, print it out and carry it to practice ... follow it step by step. When something goes wrong, STOP! It's up to you to figure out what...

    Best of luck,


  9. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    Yes... the Dyna Tip works well in all weights.

  10. Default Re: Cortland's 555 High Float Dyna-Tip

    555 Dyna-Tip High Float

    I was at my favorite flyshop in my area of Michigan this past Saturday morning & asked about this line. One of the guys mentioned that in order to get this "high floating" Cortland had a increase the line diameter. Has anyone heard this same comment ? I know I can trust the guys at this shop, but now my curiousity is up. According to the articles I've read & comments from many of you this line works like a dream. Any additional thoughts or comments. I want to be sure before I spend the $55 for this line.

    Tie One On

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