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    Default Airflo Hydrotec Jacket

    Hydrotec Three Quarter Jacket

    Hydrotec Wading Jacket

    When I'd heard the initial reports on this jacket, I was a little sceptical. My belief being that I already had a good jacket in the Scierra Aquatex, which was in it's 10th year and had been re-proofed twice with TX-10.

    You know when you get the feeling, in the pouring rain that you must be sweating like mad. Until you get to the hut and take your kit off, then see the wet patch on the inside of your jacket and realise that you can't do this anymore.

    My predicament was which jacket to buy?? I was going to go down the Scierra road again, but wanted to see what else was available for less than £100.

    First thing, get to an Airflo dealer if you can, to try one of these Hydrotec Jackets on. They feel like nothing you've worn before, being soft as worn denim with no russling and a cut that actually fits without billowing out. I'm a 44 chest and bought the large.

    Straight away, you'll notice the Storm Flap which covers the waterproof YKK zip, A studded closure on the top and bottom prevent accidental opening and velcro's provide sealing for the rest of the storm flap. On the front are two large chest pockets with an overflap sealed by velcro. Featured on both pockets under the flap is a tie loop for various attachments. There is a waterproof pocket on the left for things like your Mobile, Car keys or a Camera. On the right is a pigtail retractor for snips etc.

    A cool idea which has rock climbing written all over it, is Handwarmer pockets behind the chest pockets. Because this is a three quarter jacket there are two lower pockets for other items, such as gloves or other sundries.

    The inside is fitted with mest lining to help moisture movement and minimise inner clothing contact. Two waist toggles provide adjustment for the middle of the jacket for a more contoured fit. The lower portion can be adjusted with toggles in the hem. The hood is a comfortable fit without being too big and has an adjustment toggle at the rear to sinch the hood back. Also fitted is a wire forming strip at the front of the hood for personal shaping.

    The rear has a shoulder high large pocket, with velcro closure that could accommodate larger items. There is a rear "D" ring as standard.

    The Sleeves I thought I'd leave till last. These aren't wide bulbous affairs that flow and bulge out, but are well cut and to allow very good movement. A rubberised cuff provides a nice finish at the wrist, which can be completely sealed with the velcro closure.

    I dunk tested these at my last outing, wearing NRS Titanium Rogue Neoprene gloves. No leaks of the material, even to the top of my arm. Total closure.

    All seams are taped and glued for total waterproofing.

    The next time your out and you see someone who says they have a breatheable jacket on and they're stood sweating, ask yourself are they wearing a true breatheable??

    Hydrotec 3/4 Jacket - Waterproof 3/4 Jackets Fishtec

    Best regards

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