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    Default Re: Scientific Anglers L2L

    Yes, you can do that. Anywhere in the butt section of the L2L leader you can clip it off, tie a perfection or double surgeon's loop, and connect a leader via loop to loop connection that way. Cutting it off 2' from the connector and then attaching a 9' leader gets you an 11' leader that would work well on spring creeks and the like.

    This is also done by those of us who have the L2L set-up on our line but have only other manufacturers leaders on hand while fishing that become needed. After you've done this you will still have the subtle strike indicator function of the L2L connector, but you can attach anybody's leaders to it via loop to loop.

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    The leader end of the connection appears to be molded or cemented on, so you couldn't add material to the butt section, unless you cut the leader and used blood knots to add some material. I'd think, though, if I were going to make my leader longer, I'd add longer tippet. That's why I bought the 5X leader; I seldom use 5X leaders longer than 9 feet. If I needed a longer leader for spooky trout, I'd also probably want a lighter tippet, so I'd add 2 feet of 6X or 7X tippet to the end of the 5X leader.
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    Or do what Cliff says!!! He must have been typing his response the same time I was. Thinking about it, adding a loop after 2 feet might cast better (4 or 5 feet of light tippet at the end may not lay out the best) but you'd be sacrificing the original leader. You'd eventually be adding tippet material anyway, so my way you'd still have the original 9 foot (with added tippet) leader with no loops in it.

    Try it out and see how it works!

    I've also been thinking of using a drop of glue around the line-end of the connector, to seal in a little air to make it even more bouyant.
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

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    Today I finally used my L2L system. I still am having the problems with theL2L connector and the flyline to leader knot hanginging up on the 2nd and 3rd eyelet on my rod. It seems to be worse with the L2L hanging up on the eyelets though. On the bright side, the SA leader does not hinge and the material seems to have way less memory resulting in my leader to coiling up. Is the hang up on these two eyelets the norm? BTW, my local fly shop connected the fly line to the leader with a blood knot if this matters. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your reply really has me confused. If you use the L2L ReConnect, there won't be any knot between the line and leader; that's where the L2L goes. Did you mean the knot used to hang up, before you put on the L2L?

    What style guides do you have? Traditional "S" shaped snake guides, or single foot guides with a complete circle for the guide? I've only used the traditional style, and though I can feel a slight "tick" when the leader (either L2L on my 4 weight or the blood lnot on other lines) goes through the guides, but it doesn't hang up unless I'm being lazy and pulling the line out with my left hand while holding the rod handle in my right. If I set the reel end on the ground and reach up, I can free the line no problem. When pulling in a fish, I've never had it hang up.
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    Jakeway,Let me start over and try to clarify myself.This is my first fly fishing rod and reel. It's a 4 piece 4wt 8'-0" Winston Vapor with traditional S shaped snake guides. On my first set up I tried the looped connection that came with my Scientific Anglers Headstart WF-F fly line. It had a loop at the end and was connected to a leader with a loop. All excited with my new found sport and gear, I set out to a local lake with a bait fishing buddy of mine. I was hoping to sway him into fly fishing after I raked in fish after fish. Regrettably this did not quite happen. What did happen was me being tormented all day with both a hinging and a hang up issue. The day after this I went back to the pro shop I bought my gear from and told them of my problems. One of the guys from the pro shop cut off the loop and tied a knotted connection from the fly line to leader for me. He told me the knot he was tying was called a blood knot and showed me how to tie one on. I thanked him for his help and went this weekend to give it a try at a local stream. The hinging issue was solved, but I was still having a hang up issue on the 2nd and 3rd guides. So, I cut off the fly line as close to the knot the pro shop did for me as possible and gave my 6x L2L connection a try. The X L2L connection gave me the worst hang up of the three. The L2L had to be really forced through the 2nd and 3rd guides.

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    I think the rod must be your problem...ship it to me and I'll take it off your hands!

    I don't know what the problem is, but I think you can learn to live with it. With an 8 foot rod, you should have no trouble handling leaders of at least 9 feet, and probably more. Just make sure you don't try to cast without a few feet of fly line beyond the tip, and learn to stop reeling in the fish before the connector gets inside the tip. By holding the rod above your head, you should be able to hand-land your fish.

    If it still bothers you, probably the best fix would be to tie a good blood knot to your leader, coat it with Plio-bond or other flexible waterproof glue, to taper the knot on both ends. Use the leader until the tippet and mid sections are used up, then cut off most of the leader and make a loop connector out of the end of the butt.
    Jakeway Near Nashville, TN

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    JakewayThanks for the offer to "ship it to me and I'll take it off your hands!"I'm going to take the rod to the shop I bought it from to make sure the correct guides are on the rod by comparing it to another Vapor in the same length and wt. I'm also going to compare the guides to a few other brands while there.This afternoon I went to a book store nearby and bought a pocket book on knots used for fly fishing with illustrations on 24 knots and tools for them. The blood knot and nail knot tools look helpful. Hopefully I'll find a knot that works best with my set up and have a few less hang up issues.Two more questions for you. I know, I know, you're probably asking yourself by now, will this guy ever run out of questions!. How long does this Plio-bond take to set? Is it safe with both mono and floro?

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    Went to the pro shop today and discovered that the guides are the same on another Winston Vapor there but, are about 2/3rds the size of the Sage FLi guides. I was shown an easy way to tie the blood knot so I didn't end up buying any tools.

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