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Thread: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

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    Default Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    In the end it all depends on what you want out of your pack and how you use it. The things I want out of my fishing pack, on top of carrying enough flies and fishing gear, are:
    -ability to carry water and food for a long fishing day
    -ability to carry a stuffed rain shell/layer
    -effectively carry a net if wanted
    -do all this as comfortably and efficiently as possible

    After trying one of the smallish chest packs and learning that I hated the bulk on my chest, I opted for the Patagonia Stealth Sling pack.

    I have only used it twice, but am quite pleased with it so far. Last week I hiked and fished 3-4 miles and was thrilled with how comfortably the thing fit. When it is on your back, it is completely unobtrusive and easy to forget it is there. The small pocket on the shoulder strap conveniently holds little stuff i.e. split shot, floatant, chap stick, chamois, tobacco...or a small point and shoot camera. I found it nice to not have to dig around to grab my camera if I wanted a quick shot of scenery, or a fish in the net.

    The main pack has the zip down fly "bench" with a ripple foam insert. There is a nice row of three small tippet spool-sized pockets inside that section and one larger divider pocket for slim things i.e leaders. I removed the foam insert and use that outside pocket to hold one large sized fly box, it takes up all of it. The foam insert would hold quite a few flies and leave space to use the pockets in that compartment. I opted for a big box and hanging my tippet on the outside.

    The main pocket I put a second large box, a soft streamer wallet, a PB&J sandwich and could still stuff a rain shell in there. It's tight, but it fits. With it packed that tight I hang tippet spools, nipper, and forceps on the outside. Now normally I HATE having stuff dangling and clanging all over and catching line etc (which is one reason I don't like the chest pack), but on this pack it works so well because hanging tools on the attachment point puts them in easy reach when tying on flies, doing leader work, etc but as soon as you swing the pack onto your back everything is out of the way and can hang freely and not get in the way of anything.

    The water bottle holder on the very bottom is one of the smartest yet simplest placements, very convenient and functional.

    Last time I used it, I clipped a net on the ring and fished for a few hours. I works well and stays out of the way for the most part. It is obviously noticeable for the weight it adds, but when isn't a net swinging on your back noticeable?

    For a big hike-in, long day I would still opt for a daypack to carry enough layers, food and water. But this pack carries just enough for a day of wade fishing and carries it really well. You can put the things you need/want accessible within easy reach. And while fishing, with the pack on your back, you honestly can forget it is there. It is comfortable and functional. That's all I can ask for.
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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    Impressive review! I've been eyeing that pack. Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    I've been using the Stealth Atom Sling as well and its an incredible shoulder pack. A lot of useful little compartments. The only thing for me is I wish the zipper openings were located on the other side of the compartments so it would be easier to use while in the water.

    Otherwise, its a great bag

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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    Quote Originally Posted by yspaik View Post
    I've been using the Stealth Atom Sling as well and its an incredible shoulder pack. A lot of useful little compartments. The only thing for me is I wish the zipper openings were located on the other side of the compartments so it would be easier to use while in the water.

    Otherwise, its a great bag
    I don't understand what you mean, on the other side? Are you maybe wearing it over the wrong shoulder? It is designed to be worn over the right hand shoulder. This way you only need to pull the bag under your left arm to get the bag hanging in front of you. From this position, all the zippers are on top, or facing up along with your water bottle.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    I recently purchased one and found the pack to be great.

    I thought the price was good. Compared to other packs in this range this one is a better value. Before i was using the Simms headwater chest pack. Using that as a sling.

    I can carry large fly box, tippet, leaders, sandwich, bars, redbull, two cans of chew, multiple wallets, water bottle, and camera. Because i have the water proof pocket i end up carry other peoples items they need but dont want to get wet.

    With all that stuff the pack is comfortable. Could probably fit another box if i wanted too.

    The water resistant zippers works well with the material. Do to wading around private land i was forced to wade almost to my neck (wet wading) for about 200 ft. Found the items all dry. Pack was completely submerged.

    I have my scissor clamps on the last lash point on the shoulder strap. When using the fly bench the clamps are now at my back. So i have nippers on a zinger on a lash point on the main compartment. Kind of irritating but worth putting up with.

    Unbuckling the stabilizing strap gets to be kind of annoying but can live with it.

    I enjoy the pack very much. It looks nice too. There is so many dividers it keeps everything organized. You do sometime forget that it is on your back it carries the load so well. Nice cushion on the straps for comfort for all day fishing.

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    I just picked up a Patagonia Stealth Atom sling bag for Tenkara fly fishing.

    There are a number of features I'm still trying to figure out on this bag, not the least of which are the attachment points for tools.

    I took several screen capture of the Patagonia demo video that hint at what the Hypalon attachment points are for.

    The Hypalon attachment point on the chest strap is shown with a floatant bottle attached via a chain and the the long attachment point next to the work area seems to fit a Simms zinger perfectly.


    Here are some links to other people's reviews, with photos, that led me to the bag:
    The Gorge Fly Shop News Blog: The Rusty Hook: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack - A Fly Fisher's Pack
    Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling
    Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Review: Patagonia: Stealth Atom Sling
    FLY: First Look: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack
    FLY: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling... The Full Monty
    Stealth Atom Sling by Patagonia
    patagonia春物入荷です。: DRIFTWOOD OUTDOOR SHOP
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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    I don't think that the attachment points are for specific purposes, just a bunch of options to use as you see fit. I mean I don't think you should feel like you are using it wrong if you don't put the floatant where the promo video does. Make it yours!

    For me, I use the should strap points to hang floatant and my hemostat. I do this because these are the two tools that I need while fishing, sometimes you needs to re-dress your fly or release a hook and I don't want these things immediately at hand, and they are.

    I use the points on the bottom of the bag to hang tippets and my nipper, because the only time I need these things are when I'm changing flies and at that time the sling is pulled over so you can access your flies. Then when you go back to fishing with the bag on your back, the tippets and nippers are completely out of the way and hanging directly off the bottom of the bag.

    Personally, I find this design to be rather ingenious. I've always hated things hanging off my vest or pack and never used to do it. But this way the stuff hanging is behind you and never gets caught in your line, snagged on branches, whatever. It is completely out of the way and not taking any precious space inside the small pack.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    I've had this bag for several mo's. & am surprised at how much it will hold.Both flybox & spin box.My only complant is the one way zipper I feel would be better as a 2 way.I have more bags than I can ever use & the sling is becomming my go to bag.
    fish more fish more often,If the hats missn I'm fishn

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    All this goes in the Patagonia bag with room to spare:
    • one fly box (Scientific Angler 752)
    • six Scientific Anglers tippet spools (5x, 6x, 7x - both fluoro & nylon)
    • Fishpond Pitchfork nippers
    • Streamworks combo mitten scissor/clamp/vice/release tool, attached with a Simms retractor to the front strap and secured at the tip with a magnetic clip from a hydration system
    • Snack/Lunch - in the photos, I've shown some energy bars that are a bit longer but narrower than Clif bars and what you see in the photos easily fits in the compartments they're shown with, with room to spare. (2+ in the chest strap, 3+ in the small back compartment)
    • Kataydn myBottle Purifier - works as a regular bottle or purifier for scooping river water
    • Daiwa Japan folding net, folded and stored in the main compartment, unfolded on water and clipped to D-ring via magnetic clip with a coil cord
    • Marmot PreCip packable Jacket
    • The Fishpond PIOPOD is new to me; I thought they were the size of a grape - turns out, they're the size of a plum! The clip on it fits the webbing loops perfectly and it sits right next to the fold down work surface for disposing of tippet and line clippings - or candy bar wrappers.

    With all that on-board, there's still extra room.

    A bit of background on why I have the tools that I do.

    The combo scissor/clamp/hook remover/vice is a fantastic gizmo. With it on the chest strap, I've got everything I need to remove a hook from a landed fish without swinging the bag around.

    The net clipped to the D-ring over the shoulder with a magnet keeper and coil cord makes it immediately accessible but out of the way.

    When I decide to change a fly, tippet or line, the bag swings around and everything is right there in front of me - extra supplies in the compartment, nippers on the right and PIOPOD on the left for trash.

    The idea of that configuration is to have what I need quickly when a fish is on - net, hook removal tool - and keep the rest of the gear out of the way.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling

    First, I would like to thank everyone who reviewed this great pack, as I happened upon this forum while googling this pack after seeing it in my local fly shop.

    I was a bit apprehensive about buying a $89 pack that didn't seem to be made out of the most durable nylon, but Patagonia's ironclad guarantee coupled with the positive reviews here helped win me over.

    After using the pack for a little over a month (2-3 times per week) I'm still a satisfied customer. The thoughtful design features like the fold out "work surface/bench" and the zippered pocket on the strap are both handy additions that I use frequently.

    The amount of gear this pack swallows is pretty amazing, especially considering how it almost seems to disappear when it's on your back. The array of interior pockets is laid out to keep your gear neatly organized, with a handy waterproof pocket for a wallet/phone/license.

    Overall, if you're looking for an alternative to a chestpack or a vest, this is a very solid choice that's brilliantly designed with a lifetime warranty to boot.

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