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    If you fish the Catskills, want to fish the Catskills or ever heard of the Catskills, this is definitely a book you may want to add to your library. Ed Van Put captures the history, places, people, fish and lore in an obviously well researched delightful read.

    He takes you from an amazing brook trout fishery of years long gone to the development of the current fishery this region has become known for, with lots of interesting stuff in between. I really enjoyed the book and am sure many others would too.

    Well worth the time and money...
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    Read this last year & it brought back many memories of trips made to the Beaverkill in the 1940's. That was beautiful country in those days; enjoyed learning many things about the area that I was too young to appreciate.
    For any fly fisher interested in the evolution of the sport, & flies, in the USA, this book is well worth reading.

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