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kwb 03-06-2013 03:28 PM

Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Cortland on the Trout BOSS:

"The Trout BOSS Fly Line is our new premium trout line. We have used a new jacket material that utilizes Heat Dissipation Technology (HDT). HDT ensures minimal friction while false casting, improving line speed and distance. The unique AFFTA Compliant Boss taper features a 65' head and 100' total length which allows for accurate casts in close and great control at distance. An extended head facilities roll casting and long mends, making the Boss a perfect choice for indicator nymphing. We have paired the line up with 18'' of our proprietary Dyna-Tip for superb flotation, along with a Pale Olive head and running line."

I'll be honest, what originally sparked my interest to order a Trout BOSS was reading about it here on the North American Fly Fishing Forums. I was looking for a 5 weight line for a new 5 weight rod I had bought "Thomas & Thomas NS5" and what I read on here, sounded exactly like what I wanted. I was looking for a line that offered good turn over, but not something "clunky" like many lines designed with a lot of positive turn over are. I wanted a line that I could fish indicators with all day and throw a 12' leader on it and switch to dry flies in the evening. In my experience, it's not real easy to find a line that does both of these things well and offers a lot of line control as well.

After fishing the 5 weight version of this line many times now, it is indeed everything I could have asked for and then some. I love the extended head as it really does allow for a ton of line control even at longer distances. It works great from the drift boat and while walk and wade fishing. It will turn over a tandem nymph rig, couple small split shot and a indicator without any hesitation. While it has been Winter and therefore dry fly fishing isn't really much of an option, I did put on a standard 12' dry fly leader and dry fly just to play around with it, the results were a large part of what amazes me so much about this line, it has a lot of finesse when you need it, but also has a lot of powerful turn over when you need it too. It really is a great all around fly line.

The line shoots through the guides as good or better as any other fly line I have ever used, it has thus far held up and seems very durable. The line floats extremely well and the welded loops seem to be very durable. It roll casts well out to distances of 40' or so.

I also purchased this line in a 4 weight version, but have yet to use it much on my moderate action dry fly rod. The couple hours I do have using it on that rod, it was just as impressive as the 5 weight version was on my T&T NS5. It was also very impressive on my 5 weight NS5, more on that later...

One of the main reasons I decided to do this review is simply, there really isn't much information out there about this line and while I have no affiliation to Cortland, I figured some angler looking for a new line may appreciate knowing a little more about it.

One thing I think will help those interested in this line is understanding the weight of the line and how it will allow you to choose the best version of this line for your application.

If I was using a faster more powerful rod, fishing short to moderate distances, using a lot of indy rigs and wanted to be able to employ various forms of casting like spey casting, I would purchase the Trout BOSS in the same line weight as my rod is designed to be used with. So since that is what my main application was for regarding my T&T NS5 " (9' 5WT), I ordered a 5WT BOSS line and it's perfect. However, on this same rod if I was mainly going to be fishing at distances over 50' and likely at those distances, fishing more dry flies, I would under-line the rod and use a 4WT Trout BOSS. The reasoning for that I will touch on more shortly...

Now regarding my more moderate action dry fly rod which I will generally fish at distances of 15' - 60' with shorter distances being more common, I would not under-line, but instead buy a 4WT Trout BOSS for a 4WT fly rod. If I wanted to fish that same rod, but generally at distances of 40' or more, I would then consider under-lining it. So for that same 4WT fly rod, I would then want a 3WT Trout BOSS...

So now that you are likely thoroughly confused, I will clarify why I would suggest what I have regarding how to pick the best Trout BOSS for you...

The grain weights of the Trout BOSS taper for the first 30' meet the specifications of the AFFTA. However, due to the long length of the head on these fly lines, they can get pretty heavy once you get past 40' - 50' from the tip of the line, thus over-loading a rod. So if you are generally working with longer distances, hence the reasoning for under-lining the rod. Those grain weights are as follows...

3WT BOSS @ 30' 100 grains - Entire Head Weight 200 grains

4WT BOSS @ 30' 120 grains - Entire Head Weight 250 grains

5WT BOSS @ 30' 140 grains - Entire Head Weight 275 grains

6WT BOSS @ 30' 160 grains - Entire Head Weight 350 grains

7WT BOSS @ 30' 185 grains - Entire Head Weight 375 grains

8WT BOSS @ 30' 210 grains - Entire Head Weight 430 grains

The average angler is going to be best suited to purchasing this line to match the designated weight of their rod, but there will no doubt be some whom fish at long distances more often than not that I am sure would prefer this line a weight under the designated line weight for their rod.

In closing, the Cortland BOSS to me is a very well designed fly line for a variety of applications, I am sure it would make a great line for dry line steelhead fishing as well.

Most of my information came from emailing Artie Loomis @ Cortland, if you have any questions, I wouldn't hesitate to drop him a line, he was very willing to discuss this fly line with me. His email address is:

Hope this helps anyone who may be interested in the Trout BOSS.

Tight lines!

nocturnal 03-07-2013 07:17 PM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Thank you for this in-depth review of the Trout Boss fly line. I just picked up a new package of the wf5f trout boss, for my new TFO BVK 9' 5wt 4pc rod, paired with a ross rhythm reel. Can't wait to try my new rig out in the eastern sierras this year. Your review of this line has confirmed my good decision on picking up this premium line at an amazing price online. I scored! :D

mysticm 03-08-2013 04:56 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Thanks from me as well. I have read good things about this line in the FF rags but having a forum member offer a review is always more believable. One of these days I need to try the 5WF on my 9' Z Axis since it is a pretty fast rod. At the moment it has the Rio Gold 5WF on it and that line suits it pretty well.

billyspey 03-08-2013 06:46 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Thanks for the review very helpfully just bought 2 of these line in a 4wt.5wt. Can't wate to try.

Jackster 03-08-2013 09:05 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
I have the 6 weight Trout Boss and so far have only had a chance to lawn cast it. It performed quite well at all ranges thus far and with the Dyna-Tip I know from experience this line will float!
The one thing that sort of bugs me is the marketing speil about the heat dissiption coating. In the short duration a line is touching a guide I have a hard time believing the coating gets hot enough to affect the line. It's not the same as a Boy Scout making a fire with two sticks after all.
I just hope the coating stays slick and is durable as on most premium lines. It seems the taper and floatability are spot on.

caseywise 03-08-2013 09:21 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
have it in 4 and 5...
great line:D

burk48237 03-08-2013 09:37 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Cortland is giving away twenty of these to the first twenty people to the booth at the Mid-West Fly Fishing Expo in Warren, MI.

fredaevans 03-08-2013 12:48 PM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Just lined my Sage 7100 XP with a 7wt. A total re-learn how to cast with that long head. This is NOT a WF fly line; this is a cast at distance fly line. Lots of grains but over 65'ish feet but it will be a 'OK, this is going to take some time to get this one dialed in.' :rain:

If you're 'fishing short,' under 35 foot, take a pass. If you need to really chuck a fly a long way .... this is one to really consider.


kwb 03-09-2013 06:33 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line
Confused as to why you would suggest not using this line in close Fred?

Doesn't make sense, line works great inside the 35' range for me.

Just curious :)

Jackster 03-09-2013 10:16 AM

Re: Cortland Trout BOSS Fly Line

Originally Posted by kwb (Post 534881)
Confused as to why you would suggest not using this line in close Fred?

Doesn't make sense, line works great inside the 35' range for me.

Just curious :)

Me too. Could it be he needs to snip off some of that long Dyna-Tip?

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