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brucerducer 06-02-2013 05:28 PM

WaterProofing Srays for Waders
Over Half a year ago, I asked about products to be used for Waterproofing. Basically, forum members here told me that the did not use anything.

But I did research and made two purchases on Amazon.

I bought Nikwax 16.9 oz for $15.99

I bought ReviveX Spray on Water Repellent for
Outerwear 10 oz about $15.00

Look at the much larger quantity to be had for less price from NikWax.

I applied Nikwax and used almost a whole bottle for a full size Wader.

I applied ReviveX and needed most of 2 bottles to cover 1 pair of Waders, so the cost of using ReviveX once was almost the whole $30.00 of cost for 2 bottles.

In addition, I had much difficulty using the poorly made plastic spray bottle for ReviveX. Each time you pull the spray trigger, the nozzle turns from pointing to the front.

Worse Still, the ReviveX bottle Sprays very wide. If I had sprayed from their recommended distance of 10" I would have wasted most of my effort, because the spray comes out unevenly, with big streams in one direction, and a slight mist in another.

Both Liquids have whitish or thin milky appearance. I wondered if both are not the same product?

The long and the short was, the NikWax worked much the better in the application. It sealed up my GoreTex waders just fine.


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