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    @ Shotgunfly: Having worked in manufacturing since 1991, and being intimately familiar with lathe, mill, grinding, EDM, plating, brazing, and welding, I can tell you that this reel can be made and sold at the price point I recommended of $149. Further, I travel extensively in China and throughout SE Asia, as well, while daily competing with China on manufactured goods. I know how China quote work.

    I agree that US made reels cost more in general, but this is largely an issue of economies of scale and a price point people are willing to pay.

    When Orvis set up manufacturing of the Battenkill reels in China, the price points were agreed to based on certain purchase quantities. Orvis has the clout in the marketplace to sell more of a certain line of reels than most companies. Because of this Orvis can agree to purchase quantities, over a specified length of time, that are higher than most reel manufacturers can. Now if Orvis takes those same quantities to a US manufacturer who utilize multi-axis CNC machines and mechanized riveters; add to that a company who builds and runs progressive stamping dies (as mine does); suddenly the US manufacturer is highly competitive.

    Knowing what I do about offshored manufacturing, I am fairly confident Orvis did not do due diligence on US manufacturing opportunities for the Battenkill reel line, but rather compared the Chinese costs to making the reels in their own facilities or their existing domestic supply chain.

    It is the supposition that US manufacturers can't compete that often prevents our opportunity to do so.


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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill II Click and Pawl Reel Review

    The Click & Pawl Reels were The only Reels any of us had many years ago They performed well for everyone we caught Truckloads of Fish on them however even though I still have quite a few a couple of which I only bought Late last year because they were both new or near new for $50 each,I now always use one of my Modern Reels.
    I've been after a Vintage Hardy's Classic Dry Fly Rod which A departed mate's Son has which one of my Dad's ex -Fishing Mate's bought in England in The
    40s or 50s.
    One of my Old Reels would look really good on it.

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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill II Click and Pawl Reel Review

    Which one is best for 5wt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hubcityflyman View Post
    Which one is best for 5wt?
    I was going to check The Capacities until I noticed The first Thread Shows The Chart with The Line Sizes & The Backing Capacities.
    I'd go for The III because The II only Holds 50 Yards 20Lb Backing with a 5Wt Line whereas The III will hold 125 yards of Backing with The Same Line.

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    I have the III and this 'review' is based on looks alone, although I score it highly in every other respect. The reel is MUCH nicer looking in the flesh than in Orvis's publicity shots - the black nickel finish looks to be anodised and not painted and it has a deep aubergine-black hue.

    The thing that spoils the reel for me is the lettering on the reverse - it looks really cheap and it's laser etched, so you can't remove it. I'm a designer, so I'm prone to being picky over the tiniest detail - and when my heart rules my head I'm more inclined to buy an Abel TR, at 2.5x the price, rather than another one of these.

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    As a newbie considering his first rig, I'm curious why the Battenkill II is worth twice as much as an Okuma SLV, particularly for lower weight rigs where the drag is not supposed to be an issue. Not bashing Orvis, just wanting to learn.

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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill II Click and Pawl Reel Review

    I can share the difference I found between the two which was durability.

    I really liked my Okuma reel but one day I was putting a different line on it and dropped it from about 3 feet up it landed on my patio and the handle broke off from the reel. Seems the aluminum casting failed and the casting where the handle was attached to the reel broke right off.

    Fast forward to my Battenkill last year and as I was jumping from a very large boulder to a smaller boulder I slipped, rod in hand I fell about 6 feet and landed using my hands to cushion the fall, rod and reel still in my left hand. The reel landed handle side down on the rock with not only the force of my arm moving forward but also my weight while falling. Other than a gash in the plastic handle which I had to smooth out with my knife blade and a scratch on the center piece the reel still worked fine.

    Needless to say I was impressed with the durability of the Battenkill over the Okuma SLV.

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    I have the III and IV, the III is for my 5wt 7'6" touch, the IV is for my switch rod. I rigged the III for the first time and put the reel on top my trash can, about 4ft+. I didn't pay attention to it when I treaded the fly line and dropped it on to concrete. No damages....shaken but not steered. Buy them with confidence.

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    I bought the Drift to go with my Redington CT 3wt, and now having worked with it for a while, if I had it to do over I would've got the Battenkill instead. think it is a better-finished reel for the price point.
    At the time I bought the Drift, the deciding factor was that I could quickly adjust the drag. However, in practice, I've never needed to use the drag system at all.

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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill II Click and Pawl Reel Review

    i'm sorry but I don' t understand people asking how loud click and pawl reels are. thought the whole idea was listening to it sing. old friend used to say " I live for the click." just my 2 cents.

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