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    I use a Konic 4 for my striper and spey set ups and absolutely love it. The only reel I like more is my Litespeed 2 on my Z-Axis. Everything Lamson makes is great. You cant go wrong with their pricing either, well except for the Vanquish!

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    5 on appearance? I love the look and finish. Bullet proof. I love my Ross' EVOs' but always feel like I need to baby them. Not with the Lamsons'

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    I originally bought one of the 1.5 sizes for my 3wt, then picked up a 3.5 for my 8wt. Both of these have performed 100% on the wide variety of warm, freshwater fish I encounter from bluegills to carp. Was going to try a Guru on my new 4wt but found a great deal on another Konic 1.5 so now I have 3. Guess there is nothing left to do but upgrade my old 5wt to a Konic and I will have a full stable.

    The only reason I gave lower marks on the build quality is questions (not actual experience) with the cast and polycoated construction, both of which might potentially affect the really long term service as compared to fully milled and hard anodized reels. Same for appearance vs some of the "prettier" reels on the market. However, for the value, I can't say that either of these would affect my purchase decision even 1%.

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    good review

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    I'd like to hear y'all's comments after a summer of using the Konic...

    In particular, how is the poly finish holding up?


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    For what it is worth here is my take on the Konic. Keep in mind I have had mine 2 years and bought it for a backup 3wt for visitors / guests / friends to use. I have personally used it maybe 6 times

    It is ok, works well, finish has held up well. All in all no complaints, but it just doesn't have the curb appeal of the spendier reels ie Evolution, Guru , Sage Click etc etc. I do have it paired with a Sage Launch 8'6" 3wt and it balances out well. I also throw it on a Elkhorn 7'6"3wt at it is fine there too.

    In the case of a 2-3wt rod the reel is really just a line holder so I havent tested the drag. I did catch a 13" sucker fish on it in a river and that was quite a fight and it did well. In this weight range of gear to me it was more about how it balanced the rod and affordability.

    For the price you can't go wrong, but if you get in to UL gear like a TXl, Orvis Superfine then no, I wouldnt pair it with one of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackcoffee View Post
    In particular, how is the poly finish holding up?
    Hi Scott,
    My girlfriend has 100 plus fishing days on her Konic 2. The drag is as smooth as it was on day one. The finish seems to be holding up. The usual wear marks like the reel seat connection and a few rim mark nicks from rocks are apparent.


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    Every above post is spot on, and I could not help but throw in my two cents. Between countless reviews and recomendments from friends I matched a Konic to my 5 wt TFO Lefty Pro and it feels amazing. Everything has been talked about but again the price point for the reel kills the competition. The arbor is nice however if you dont wind your line nice and flat it may start to clip by the end. Also I try to take good care but have noticed the finish chipping after only one season. Overall best reel I could have got in the price range and I think it looks great on my setup, Konic should bust out some other colors for this popular reel!

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    After reading all these reviews I have to get this reel. Thanks for all the great information.

    I have to agree with the poster above Lamson should come out with more color options. I would like to see a Green like the Abel Super series Quick Change, and maybe a Copper finish.

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    i have a hand full of different lamson reels and would love to add a konic to my reel arsenal.
    i think a 1.5 for my 3 weight may be nice.......



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