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    Default Cheeky Fly Fishing - Ambush 375 Reel

    [ame=]Cheeky Fly Fishing - Ambush 375 Reel Review[/ame]

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    An old buddy of mine, Capt. David Blinken had an early example of a Cheeky "Mojo" (#8 size) on a trip we enjoyed together to Abaco in the Bahamas. We had plenty of quality tackle with us abut we were all impressed by Mojo's clean design, powerful, sealed, stacked drag and visually unique color combination. The fact that it scored a few bonefish up to 9 lb. did nothing but enhance our positive impression. This reel does not get the attention it deserves and now, for the more traditional fly fisher, it is available in solid clear coat aluminum finish as well as in outrageous colors.

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    This my first look at the Cheeky line of reels. I love the colour combo of gold / green. As a vintage Hardy fan, I wouldn't normally be attracted to this reel but will consider it for a future purchase. The reel IMO, has beautiful clean lines as opposed to some of the "bird cage" designs of today's offerings. Beautiful! I will be watching closely for further reviews on this one.

    After checking out their site, I would not consider any of their "Lightweight" reels suitable for my 7'-6" ZXL and Kabuto glass rods. Weighting in at 5.5 & 6.1 oz., they consider these "Lightweight". For me and the type of stream fishing I do, I'll stick with a Hardy "Featherweight". Nevertheless, I still think the Cheeky reels are a beautiful looking reel.
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