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    Default Patagonia Skeena River Waders

    I just purchased a pair of these on sale. I am new to wade fishing and this is my first pair. Coming from a world of duck hunting waders I have tried to go cheap and ultimately been unsatisfied until I ponied up for quality. I can't give a functioning review yet, but I can say that I am glad I didn't try and get "cheap" waders. The fit and finish are excellent. If you are in the market for some middle of the road waders Patagonia has them on sale right now for $200.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Skeena River Waders

    Where did you find these on sale?

    HFA currently has Patagonia Skeena River waders on sale for $279 albeit sizes are limited

    Patagonia Men’s Skeena River Waders | Henry's Fork Anglers

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