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    Default Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    First impression of what I'm hoping will be "the one" for my goal of getting good at Euro-nymphing this year.

    Redington Hydrogen 11' 3wt

    Recommended by Blue Quill Anglers as a real contender, I managed to score this on Ebay for half price brand new!
    Things I like:
    Flat finish on the blank
    Single foot guides
    Light total weight
    Decent warranty by a reputable company
    And the BIG thing, a true euro-nymphing flex pattern, nice tip flex, plenty of backbone half way down.

    Things I'm not crazy about
    Thin cork grip (although two of my Tenkara rods have no cork and I got used to that pretty quickly)
    Cork quality could be better, but not at this price, it'll be fine
    Pretty tip heavy, I'm going to have to work on adding weight to the butt to balance, but this was expected with an 11' rod
    A small cork butt cap would be nice

    Edited to show how the butt has been "fixed". Very happy now! Thank you to our club's resident rod builder.
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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    What do you expect at that price?
    It's a good entry level rod. One can upgrade down the road, if it feels like upgrading and it's finances will allow it.

    Most of the time I fish a custom 11ft #3 ESN and still have to add weight to my reel to balance it. Besides that, I had this rod (Hydrogen) "Shop tested" and I liked it. If I could't afford an ESN, I'd have no problem fishing this rod. I owned 8-10 Euro rods over the last 6-8 years (my first one was the 11-4 CZN, which besides being tip heavy, has a great action and it's one of the best wet fly rods I owned). I fished at least half a dozen other rods (from friends). I believe I can evaluate a "contact nymphing" rod in about 10 minutes of fishing. I know, shop testing has little value.
    Don't get hung up on "aesthetics". If you'd like high end cork and a fighting but, you'll have to pay for it.

    Sorry for the rant. I believe anybody who "evaluates" a tool should be at least good (if not expert) at his trade, not a novice...

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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    Wow, relax there a little pal. It was just a first impressions post.
    These aren't stocked in shops out here in CA and I was just trying to provide a little info for someone who doesn't have the chance to handle one in person.

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  5. Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    Some good info in the original post. have been kicking around the idea of getting one. you may have just pushed me over the edge. when my wife starts complaining, I'll send her your way .

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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    Yes, another thank you for posting information useful to the community. There is value to what your post regardless of your skill level. It's important to remember that people at different skill levels usually evaluate purchases against different sets of criteria. For example, at this point in my journey I would never consider a specialized euro nymphing rod because, while they are a perfect tool for the job, they are far too specialized a tool. I would gravitate to a high level 10ft 3wt that could serve double or triple duty. In the future, I may do a complete 180 on that opinion.
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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    Just use a Keiryu rod, save some monies.

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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    I just picked yup the 10 foot 4 wt. can't wait to take it out. Pretty rod for the price.
    I fish to be one with nature... I practice catch and release to keep fish alive for the next angler

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    Default Re: Redington Hydrogen Euro-Nymphing

    Just ordered the 10' 3wt after testing a friends--- good quality rod for the price point.

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