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Although I suppose I can learn to spey cast, the OPST videos indicate the Commando also works well for roll and overhead casts. Any insights and guidance to help in making a choice would be appreciated.
Yes, it works for roll and overhead casts. Overhead, you can get a lot of distance with one backcast, and you can even shoot line on a roll cast. If you leave a little overhang of running line outside the tip, you can make a short, quick haul, and get even more distance.

With regard to the running line, I have Rio Slickshooter and OPST Lazer, and the Lazer is definitely better. The Rio tends to sink, so you have to pull it to the surface before casting, and if there are any weeds under the surface, they get snagged. The Lazer floats much better and does not coil as much.