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    Default Allen Cedar Creek Sling Pack

    This is my first sling pack so can't really compare to other slings. I have always used my old 90's model Orvis Shorty vest. That vest is still going strong with only stains and patina to show its not brand new. But it can be heavy after 5 hours and kinda hot in the 90 degree summers. Every year I seem to carry less and less "stuff" in my vest as I realize I don't ever use most of it on the water. So I swapped everything in my vest into the sling pack and it all fit perfectly with each do-dad having its own little mesh or zippered pouch inside the 3 zippered pockets. ( one of the pockets is on the front of the shoulder strap and sits on your chest when the pack is on your back) The Allen sling looks a lot better in person than in the online pics. The material is nice nylon rip stop type. The zippers are very nice quality and open/close easily. The stitching is very clean and looks tough. They don't show you all the cool mesh and zippered interior pockets online either. I have two 7" / 4" / 3/4" fly boxes, phone, sunscreen, leaders, etc. in main pocket and all my tippet spools in smaller pocket( with 3 most used sizes strung up on the tippet dispenser string thing. ) My favorite thing though is the smallish pocket on the shoulder strap. It has a forceps docking strap on outside. Inside is an elastic band to hold stuff still, and an elastic band that has a loop on the end to hold floatant or desiccant bottle while allowing you to pull out bottle and use/shake it without possibly dropping in water. The sling back and shoulder strap are both covered with nice padding and webbing material. The shoulder strap is wider than most I've seen and comfortable. It seems to spread the weight as good as possible over one shoulder. I have used it twice for 5 hours per trip and at end of day it feels lighter than my vest. There is the standard waist strap that clips into shoulder strap when pack is on your back and it seems well placed. Both straps are easy to adjust, stay adjusted, and have wide elastic bands that keep excess strap material from flopping around. Water bottle holder is a nice feature too. I used to keep a bottle in back of my vest but never took vest off to drink water. With bottle at easy access I have drank a bottle full both times out. There are also straps on bottom/side of bag to hold a rod tube or rolled up jacket. This sling isn't as big as a lot of models I looked at. That was what I was looking for. I wanted lighter and smaller than the vest. The sling holds everything I have been carrying for last year in my vest. The only reason I didn't give it a 9 for performance is that my net is harder for me to reattach after using. It hangs nicely from the top D-ring though, never in way or noticeable. I just haven't figured out how to reach back and reattach the magnet release without having to sling the sling to the front. Not a real big deal and my only gripe so far. Got it for $40 shipped off amazon and I think it's a great deal compared to $90-150 for everybody else's slings.
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    Default Re: Allen Cedar Creek Sling Pack

    After about 7 or 8 outings I like the sling more than when I wrote the review. All the adjustable straps stay where you adjust them. The zippers all work perfect and there is no noticeable wear anywhere. I finally got completely used to a sling feel and don't notice it at all when fishing. I have gotten the bottom of sling wet a few times while wading deep. Haven't noticed any wet gear inside though. There is a big waterproof/resistant zip pocket inside where I keep my phone and a few paper towels just in case. The little front pocket on the strap holds my gink, powder desiccant, and a microfiber cloth to clean my sunglasses inside and my forceps w/zinger on outside.
    If you don't need to carry your lunch and a change of clothes (although sling has two straps underneath to hold a rod tube or rolled up jacket) with you I can recommend this sling especially for the price.

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