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    Default Fenwick Aetos 9' 6WT

    Pictures and better formatting here.

    Iím a shore-bound, South Florida urban angler, which means you take what you can get. I could head to one spot, hoping to hook into a snook, barracuda, ladyfish, jack crevalle, or bonefish; only to strike out and switch to the mangrove snapper darting around the jetty. Or I could head out to another, hoping to hook into a big largemouth or peacock bass; only to find schools of smaller, feisty cichlids. Whether itís double-hauling on the Miami beaches, flats, and seawalls; or roll-casting into the Everglades canals, a six-weight rod is right at home. Iíve fished this rod for the past two months, and Iíd say the Fenwick Aetos is like your favorite canvas jacket; it does the job while looking the part.


    The first thing you notice with the Aetos is the color. It has a really nice, deep, dark blue blank. The snake guides, instead of the typical chrome, have a slick, black finish. The reel seat is a no-frills grey synthetic, and the up-locking rings are a matte aluminum. The markings, including alignment dots, are a bright white, making assembly in low-light very easy. The cork, to be honest, is the only thing left to be desired, feeling cheap and not smoothly finished. Itís not a deal-breaker, and Iíve fished full days with this rod and never experienced any blisters or callouses.


    I paired the Aetos with a Lamson Liquid 2 reel. Iíve fished this setup with a 6wt Rio Summer Redfish line, and a factory-seconds 6wt weight-forward floating line, as well as a sink tip line. Iíve fished this in all of the aforementioned environments.

    The rod feels light in hand, and doesnít seem to have a particularly heavy swing weight. However, this is definitely a feel rod. It loads well, but does not exhibit the stiffer character of line-launching rods. In todayís market of ever-faster fly rods, that may seem like a good thing. And for more seasoned anglers, it may be. But if you havenít been fishing for years on end, you should give this rod a look.

    A stiff fly rod that generates a ton of line speed will not give an angler much room for error when timing a double-haul. This could lead to a lot of frustration for a person who hasnít been fishing very long. On the other hand, if youíve learned the double-haul, but you canít exactly do it in your sleep, the medium-fast action and additional flex of the Aetos will give you that extra fraction of a second for your hauls. Additionally, its light weight and swing weight makes it easier to put in the hours to improve your form. Itís a very confidence-inspiring rod.

    The Aetos really shines from close quarters out to about 50 feet. After switching to this rod, my double-haul and roll cast really cleared up over my bargain-bin starter rod. I found my form improving, and I was really able to take advantage of that additional margin of error. The rod is also remarkably accurate within this range. As a result, my effective range improved because I was not spooking fish with bad casts. I also wasnít avoiding risky casts near overhanging structure or in areas without back clearance. I wouldnít say the Aetos enabled me to do these things, no more than Reebok Pumps helped kids in the 90s jump higher. Rather, the additional feel and feedback I got from the Aetos was helpful in diagnosing and improving my casting technique.

    Beyond 50 feet, the Aetos doesnít quite have the line speed to get out there with the same kind of accuracy. Iím sure experienced casters could squeeze more performance out of the rod, but this was around the accuracy threshold for me. I could cast about 65 feet of line, but at that distance, Iím not landing a fly on a fishís nose. Rather, Iím casting in the fishís path and twitching as the fish approaches.


    All in all, the Fenwick Aetos 6wt is a great rod for (1) a beginning angler that has some extra pocket change to spend on a first outfit, or (2) an angler that has learned the basics and wants to step up from a bargain-basement combo rod. Iíve enjoyed the Aetos so much, I snatched up another one in an 8wt a month ago.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Aetos 9' 6WT

    Great review. I have that same rod and while I am not experienced enough to provide as detailed and erudite a review, I really like it, I can cast a pretty good distance with it. I don't have great accuracy with any rod so I can't really particularly fault this one. I am using it with a LL Bean Quest 2 reel and two different lines: SA Sharkwave GPX and SA Sonar Titan Int/S3/S5.

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    I have the 5 wt version. Hard to beat for the price!

    My one complaint is that the reel seat threads are large and the double-nut locking mechanism does not seem to hold tight during a day on the water. I've had my reel fall off as the nuts have loosened up.
    Last year a guide recommended that I wrap a rubber band on the threads, behind the locking nuts. That does seem to hold them into locked position.
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    Default Re: Fenwick Aetos 9' 6WT

    I have the HMG 5wt, also fished the Aetos and can't tell the difference. Either way a great rod for sure.

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    Default Re: Fenwick Aetos 9' 6WT

    Quote Originally Posted by yikes View Post
    I've had my reel fall off as the nuts have loosened up.
    Last year a guide recommended that I wrap a rubber band on the threads, behind the locking nuts. That does seem to hold them into locked position.
    I had this problem a lot with my spinning gear. Another thing you can try is plumber's tape. Wrap it tightly on the threads, then spin the locking nuts over it. It won't bind up the threads, but it will give enough friction to keep them from coming undone. And it's less intrusive than a rubber band.

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