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Thread: T&T Exocett

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    Contemporary T&T is a rare example of a floundering but endowed rod maker resurfacing resurrected under a new, passionate, well funded owner. With the retirement of Tom Dorsey, the ascension of Joe Goodspeed and the addition of talented, knowledgeable other artisans previously with other rod companies, T&T is building better designed, better technology rods than ever before while simultaneously sustaining their historical excellence of craftmanship on both graphite and cane rods.

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    The SS is a really different rod compared to the usual Exocett, still a great rod though.The guy I fish with lots (a T and T Ambassador) loves the SS but he’s 20 years younger than me and can really bang out a long line with a big fly on basically anything. He’ll be taking the 8’8” SS 450 when we go to Alphonse in February as his 12wt weapon of choice. I’ll be taking my more forgiving standard 9’ 12wt.



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