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    Default Re: Danner/Patagonia Foot Tractors

    I've been giving these a closer look lately and I have a summation of my thoughts:

    I have Simms RiverTek 2's with Vibram soles that I will use as is. I don't want bars or studs in them. I will use them in boats.

    I want a set of boots with bars or large aluminum discs.

    I've looked at the previous model Foot Tractor, but can't find them in size 14 anywhere at the discounted price that some stores have them at.

    Simms G3's are tempting. They have everything I want in a boot, but I have heard they don't hold the aluminum discs well. That seems to be the only knock on Simms boots.

    Korkers are also tempting, but I have read of too many sole failures, or soles pulling off in mud. By all reviews, their "Triple Threat" aluminum bars are excellent. Also struggling to find them in my size. Have to wear a 15 in Korkers. Devil's Canyon an be had, but those don't appear to have much ankle support. Hatchbacks look a bit cumbersome and heavy. Wraptr seems to be the model I would want, but I'm not 100% sold on them either.

    New Danner/Patagonia foot tractors look great and seem to check all the boxes. Only issue is they are $550. That's my only hangup.

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    Default Re: Danner/Patagonia Foot Tractors

    I put Roktreads in my Simms G3s- had to thru bolt em with the included hardware, but they haven't moved, and the grip is fantastic.

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    Default Re: Danner/Patagonia Foot Tractors

    I ahve been using Rock Treads for two seasons now. I have not tried the Foot Tractors. The Rock Treads made wading safe for me. Nothing else I have tried (felt, studs, felt with studs, plain Vibram) even comes close to the traction with Foot Treads.

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    I do wonder if geography and the difference in rock types and algae growth on river bottoms, as well as wading conditions, have a bearing on this.

    On rivers in Oregon and Washington, I get better and more consistent traction from Felt and studded boots than from my Patagonia Foot tractors.

    I do quite a bit of deep wading on rivers like the Deschutes, Rogue, North Umpqua, etc.

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    geography/ rock type and algae absolutely matter.
    slick Smooth rock is where I've found the rubber soles fail most frequently and studs or rock treads are a very reasonable solution - though if you are fishing form a boat the owner/guide may have strong opinions about their presence in their boat.
    I've actually used Patagonia's river crampons in those situations.
    There are several rivers - Russian on the Kenai for example - that I'd never dream of fishing with out metal of some sort on the soles.

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    Default Re: Danner/Patagonia Foot Tractors

    The price is obviously more than a little rough, but a lifetime boot might be appealing. I'd need some assurance I am not going to pay for a brand new pair of Simms G3s to resole them, while I wait for their return.

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    Default Re: Danner/Patagonia Foot Tractors

    There's no such thing as a lifetime boot- That's called "marketing"

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