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Thread: Echo Echo990-4x ( 9ft / 9wt / 4piece )

  1. Thumbs up Echo Echo990-4x ( 9ft / 9wt / 4piece )

    [img2="right"][/img2] I received my rod from Steve the dayt before I was to leave for Mexico on a 3 day Salt Water flyfishing trip at Rocky Point, just south of the Arizona / Mexico border. After fishing with this rod for a few days, I can honestly say that I would put this rod up against ANY rod on the market today.

    The Echo rod loaded quickly and I was able to make long casts, even into the wind with little to no effort at all. This rod is a cannon! I had no issues what so ever with throwing between 50 - 75% of my line from a sitting position. It is light so there is little to no arm fatigue even after a long day on the ocean. It handles very similar to Sage's XP series..

    At the price of $149 this rod is a must have!

    From Echo's Website:
    The Echo Classic fly fishing rods were designed by Tim Rajeff to be the best value in available performance fly rods. All Echo Classic fly rods feature an incredibly modest price but still perform like "premium" fly rods and outperform any comparibly priced rod. The power and action of each Echo rod is specifically designed for optimal performance in its most widely used application.
    All Echo Classic rods are four piece fly rods with a gloss deep emerald finish, ceramic stripper guides and single foot snake guides. Depending on the model, handles are Half or Full Wells grips with mortised, impregnated hardwood reel seats or anodized aluminum reel seats. Each rod comes with a cloth sock and cordura-covered PVC rod tube.

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    Thanks for the report Mike, I think you have put the nail in the coffin on my next rod to be acquired- the ECHO 7wt. Good to know that there is a great affordable 9wt out there for all the guys on the east and west coast chasing stripers.

    How many species did you catch down there?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Great report Mike. Now you see why I have raved on these Echos rods for months.

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