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    Default Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    After using Simms Vapor wading boots for the past 2 years, I was excited to see that Simms has updated their line-up and replaced the Vapor with the Flyweight boot Flyweight Wading Boot - Rubber Sole | SIMMS Fishing Products

    According to the specs, the Flyweight is about 10OZ lighter than the Vapor, so I just had to give them a try.

    As shown in the photos below, the Flyweight is a new design including updated soles, uppers, etc. and has a much more "shoe like look" than the Vapor.






    The Flyweight's Vibram soles have a new, more aggressive tread pattern and the treads extend onto the heel and toe of the boot much like what you'd find in a hiking boot. While the Flyweights do have stud attachment points, there are fewer than the Vapor and some have different placement.

    The upper is quite soft, but yet provides (IMO) sufficient support and cushion. This soft upper allows you to really tighten up the boot if you desire and didn't require any break-in time. There are drainage holes on the inside of the boot and as you'd expect a clip on the top laces for wader gravel guard clip.

    While I've only used the boots 1 time so far, that first trip consisted of 6 miles in the boots, about 3 miles of which were hiking a moderate dirt path and the rest wading in a tailwater.

    Overall I was very impressed with these boots; they were comfortable, supportive and provided good traction both in and out of the water. They certainly do feel lighter than the Vapors and when dry these boots aren't much heavier than my trail running shoes. However, it's worth noting that the upper material used in the Flyweights does absorb water; so when the boots are wet they weigh more. Luckily they dry fast, so after a few minutes out of the water the boots are almost dry.

    The boots drained well and even though I bought my boots a little big, I didn't have any sloshing water in them. Not a single piece of gravel in the boot either.

    Since I just got these boots I can't comment on their durability yet. However, given they are designed to be lightweight I certainly wouldn't expect them to outlast Simms beefier boots (G3, Headwaters, etc.).

    Overall I would definitely recommend these boots to anyone looking for a lightweight wading boot.

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    Default Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    I tried these boots on a few days ago and they are nice. As the OP described they remnded me of running shoes to a degree in terms of weight I would rank them in this order for context, lightest to heavier:
    1-Simms Flyweights;
    2- Orvis Pro;
    3-Simms G3 Guide.

    The store manager at one of the local fly shops just picked up a pair to go along with his G3s, he plans on using them more in the summer, warmer weather and the G3s when its colder with thicker socks etc. After two months of use he loves the Flyweights.
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    Default Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    Another thumbs up for the Simms Flyweight boots, with the qualification that my view is based on limited use so far. I'm a "Simms guy" and for the past several years I've used both the G3 Guides and the Vaportreads--I absolutely love the G3s, but the one downside IMO is that they are heavy and so I've used the Vaportreads for hike-in outings. I recently intended to buy a new pair of Vaportreads to replace my original ones, but discovered they had been discontinued with the Flyweights being the apparent replacement and so I bought a pair. Haven't used them extensively (yet), but I love them. Definitely lighter and more comfortable than the Vaportreads, which I thought were terrific. Anyway, not much to add to the OP's excellent review, just another thumbs up.

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    Default Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    Sweet thanks for the review - I don't like the lug type boots and the typical weight of fishing boots, so have been running the Simms Flats for a while now. Less traction, but I don't usually have issues getting around. I do get a lot of "how do those work" questions when I am at the fly shop or on the river, but they are just so much more comfortable to me. These flyweights might be the solution.

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    Default Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    I will definitely take a look at these when my current Simms Boa wears out. They look much more comfortable. And lighter is good.
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    Default Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    I think I already know the answer to this question, but hope springs eternal... do they come in a narrow width?

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