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    Default Re: What’s your favorite fly fishing pack?

    As I get out to fish more I felt like I needed a smaller pack, something that carries all the essentials of the Wasatch pack vest, which is great,, but a grab and go bag for when I've just got a couple of hours to fish a nearby, easy access, well known spot. I decided on the Lodgepole bag, also by Fishpond
    Lodgepole Satchel
    Just throw it over your shoulder and go. It is about the size of a small day pack and in addition to nippers, hemostat, floatant , tippet, leader wallet and a small box of flies, it holds a wading jacket, couple bottles of water, lunch snaks and cell phone. It comes with an adjustable waist strap which holds the bag in place as you pick your way up a freestone stream for a couple of hours while keeping everything easily accessible. I think Simms made a version of this bag as well a while ago.lpfs-e_v2.jpg
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    Default Re: What’s your favorite fly fishing pack?

    I use a Patagonia stormfront rolltop if I need to carry waterproofs or for dawn to dusk days on the water..
    And Simms dry creek z submersible waist pack for normal use.. I really like the Simms waist pack, it’s great having no weight on the shoulders, net snugged out the way, fully submersible which is crucial as I’m always wading through deep pools. If you have a dodgy shoulder at all, then getting all the weight on to your hips makes for a much improved day out

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