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    Default Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    Been sticking my large Fishpond net in my wading belt which doesn't work very well. After trying to use the magnet system. Which didn't work well either. Found this on a search.

    Vedavoo Netster.

    Netster – VEDAVOO
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    Default Re: Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    That looks as if it will work well for most trout nets. I actually carry the Fishpond Boat Net so I just use the belt trick which allows it to be tilted to the side. It helps to have the neoprene belt from Simms too. If I used a shorter handled net I'd get one of those.

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    Default Re: Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    A simple design that looks like it will work. I may just have to try this, as I am also tiring of trying to find that magnet on my back.

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    Default Re: Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    I use a small net, but still didn't like it hanging from a magnet and didn't like it stuck under my wading belt. One day, several years ago, I was walking through the tool section of Home Depot and saw a snips pouch for about $5. Bought it and cut the bottom out. Now I hang that pouch on my belt and use it to hold my net. I still clip the net line to a belt loop, just in case the net gets dropped into moving water. Not as elegant as the Netster, but it works for me.

    Net holder 1 by , on Flickr

    Net holder 2 by Myron Bezdicek, on Flickr

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    Default Re: Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    I have a Netster and it work perfectly. I would recommend using one I have a good sized fishpond net.

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    Default Re: Net holder for small to LARGE nets- Vedadoo Netster

    I ended up with this one:

    It comes in two sizes, I have the large. I currently have it lashed to the back of my fishing pack/vest but as it gets hotter out I'm just going to slide it onto my wading belt and go. I grabbed the larger LL Bean landing net and it fits easily. I like that it has two straps an upper one which is wide and a thinner lower one which stabilizes the net as you move about. So far so good.koolbak net holder.jpg
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