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    Default Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    E19 002 W.Br.Rainbow narrow.jpg

    It has been a wet, cool spring here in the Northeast. It rained, broke and rained again on Friday and heavily on Sunday but sandwiched in between was a largely sunny Saturday with a northerly, downstream breeze. My second day of angling this season proved lucky with weather and mayflies. On both of these days I fished my newest outfit, a fresh for 2019 Taylor Fly Fishing 9’/#5 Truth and Revolution Z reel mounted with RIO Gold and an Orvis Braided Butt leader built out to 14 feet. The West Branch of the Delaware was flowing at a too high to wade 2,000+ CFS necessitating using a drift boat on both days but on this second one we had a good hatch of Hendriksons and Paraleptophlebia, so I caught fish.

    Having previously lawn cast an advanced prototype of Truth in one of its three sizes, the 9’/#4 which accompanies the 9’/#5 and 8-weight, and having been positively impressed, I looked forward to trying the 5-weight. I first saw it and test cast it on the indoor casting pond at last January’s Edison Fly Fishing Show along with Matthew Taylor’s second generation Revolution Reel, the “Z”.


    Not many fly fishing product designers creatively fashion both rods and reels. Contemporary Hardy comes to mind, Orvis and Sage have matching reels for their rods and Winston acquired Bauer Reels a couple of years ago. Few encompass the tuned match-up of balancing weight, aesthetic elements and anodization color achieved by Matthew Taylor though, thoroughly conceptualized.

    Both Truth and Revolution Z are produced in South Korea at a top-flight shop which has been providing its technical services to Western designers for nearly two decades. This facilities’ long experience working with advanced composites and complex tapers provides an opportunity for a creative but small company to realize their products to exacting specifications despite the inability to afford building their own domestic rod shop. Truth is light and fast with a quick recovering slightly softer tip and is composed using a multi-modulus lay-up employing Nano silica infused resin. It has a unique twin helical plus longitudinal carbon fiber construction making it among the most sophisticated fabrication processes among contemporary fly rods. The blank is dead straight, not a hint of sweep and sanded so there is but a faint relict of tape resin scars producing a natural graphite, matte, low reflectivity surface that is techno-handsome. Form-follows-function further with a skeletonized and ported aluminum reel seat anodized matte charcoal with a large, single easily grasped lock ring and a woven carbon fiber insert. There is a black titanium framed striper followed by Recoil nickel titanium single foot guides. The grip is a smoothly sanded full Wells of fine quality cork and the pièce de résistance is perfect black thread wraps, the primaries trimmed narrowly in grey, with a specially formulated and flatly applied epoxy finish with zero overlap onto the blank…a hand finish craftsmanship attribute seen only in a handful of elite fly rods. The rod’s designation is printed on the wrap of the female ferrule to line up with the dot on the male. It may not make the rod cast any better but this touch gets kudos from this rod aficionado.

    And cast well it does. Truth is light, crisp and communicative in hand and with ease generates tight, parallel loops with no tip counter-flex artifacts. It loads well in close and maintains impeccable composer out as far as you may choose to present with it. At this point three senior, highly experienced Delaware River guides have test cast it upon their river. All were immediately and highly impressed with one opining, “This is a Delaware River rod!” What does that mean? It is a legacy of a few rods beginning with the G.Loomis GLX 9’/#5 and including Sage XP, Redington Nano Nti, Sage ONE, Scott STS and Radian, G.Loomis NRX, a small handful more and now Taylor Truth. Rods that poses a precise tip for in close casts and subsantial lower taper potency for accurate, long distance, compound presentations. Rods that have the unwavering tip control to articulate live line in the air and cast line with added slack feed on the water’s surface. In other words, quick and lively presentation specialists. But they are not only for the Delaware but for all technical waters where precise control, accuracy and diversified casting are optimal…the Henry’s Fork, the big Missouri, slick lakes with cruising gulpers and more. These are rods with complexity of character, some requiring a learning curve, which makes an angler smile. Truth is the newest one of these special, coveted rods and a delight to cast and fish.

    Fishing from a drift boat on these waters you and your guide hunt for rising fish as far ahead as you can see them. Boats being noisy and our shifting about in them additively so, the approach is crucial as it inevitably involves dropping an anchor too. You cannot get too close to a good trout plus there are intervening currents, rocks or overhanging limb obstacles to be accounted for. Depending on circumstances you may be called upon to cast up, across or downstream. From any position the fly must arrive in the fish’s feeding lane not only accurately but fly first with no coil of tippet ahead of it and, of course, no unnatural drag. A great deal of casting, line manipulation and control are asked of a technical dry fly rod but when all falls into place naturally, the rewards are substantial.

    E19 004 W.Br.Brown1 vs.jpg

    E19 018 W.Br.Brown3 vs.jpg

    It is the angler’s use of his rod, appropriate fly line and the uninterrupted energy flow into his leader to get the fly to the fish. Once a good, wild trout with room to run eats though, he is inclined to take line and here a fine reel comes into play. A ton of drag headroom is not needed when fishing a 5X tippet but undetectable inertial start up and silky smooth pre-set pressure is advantageous in trying to direct the fish and bring him to net relatively quickly. An intuitive palming rim on the reel’s spool also aides in this great process when added pressure to tilt the trout’s head up is called upon. Revolution Z has a fat drag knob knurled for a positive grip and new to me, an inboard mounted handle offering totally unobstructed access to the rim. I wondered if this inset of the handle would impact my regaining line during the fight but pleasantly the well-shaped and sized handle came to hand naturally with no conscious adaptation on my part. Also a first for me, though the large arbor spool and full frame are machined from rigid, cold forged aluminum, the back plate of the reel is spokes formed of woven carbon, strong, light and handsome in its compliment to Truth’s carbon-centric aesthetic. All other aspects of Z are state of the art from its inwardly tapering spool along with just right diameter to spool width ratio for uniformity of line retrieval, its sealed stacked carbon and stainless multi-element drag assembly and knurled and captive, threaded spool retainer. I do not know how much drag pressure it is capable of but it is super smooth and far more than any trout will ever ask me to use. If I fish a larger size on the salt flats in the future, I’ll discuss that aspect more thoroughly. Revolution Z accepts a little over 100 yards of 20# Dacron in its 4 – 6 weight size for ample insurance on the trout stream and enough to expand the diameter of its arbor advantageously too. Like the thread wrap finish on Truth, something I am enamored with in this reel is, when loaded with backing and line, it gravity neutrally balances its rod with the fulcrum point being right were my forefinger encircles the cork; just the way I like it.

    Taylor Revolution Z.jpg
    Taylor Truth costs $649 including a quality cloth sleeve and aluminum tube and Revolution Z 4 – 6 is $479 and is packed in a Nylon and Neoprene case.

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    S&S, Great review as always. I was on the Upper Delaware a few days before you. My pard and I did well enough (floating). The fish were wary and careful (sometimes long) presentations were in order. Looks like the Truth and Rev Z was up to the task. Nice Brown by the way.

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    I look forward to casting your new rod this summer. Nice fish. Your photographer did a good job...

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    Those are quality fish anywhere in the world- nice work if you can get it!

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    The Delaware River was "stocked" inadvertently and intentionally with wild strain McLeod R. rainbows and both von Behr and Loch Leven browns in the latter 1880's. These none domesticated strains persist in wild reproduction today and following a high water last season, winter and now spring, the trout are in great shape. Note the difference in coloration between these two hens, one with red spots, one without. There was one more that yielded to the Truth, the biggest of the three by an inch or so but due to a missing mandible and split tail he was inadequately photogenic and got edited out. One ate a 1/2&1/2 emerger pattern, another a dun and the third a spinner...all Hendrickson imitations. Only a few weeks into the season, the fish have gotten very picky and after few quality presentations, if the fly was not taken, a change was made. Most of the casts were between 35 and 60 feet plus slack line feed...right in Truth's wheelhouse. The only issue I had, being as I'm still learning this new rod, was I frequently underestimated the rod's power and overshot my intended distance; I put a few fish down doing that.

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    I made a pilgrimage to the McCloud to catch those seminal Rainbows in the early 2000s. Got onto a Nature Conservancy beat all to myself- it was wonderful. That's a very special part of this country- and as different from the rest of California and one could imagine.

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    Quote Originally Posted by osseous View Post
    I made a pilgrimage to the McCloud to catch those seminal Rainbows in the early 2000s. Got onto a Nature Conservancy beat all to myself- it was wonderful. That's a very special part of this country- and as different from the rest of California and one could imagine.
    Thank you for correcting my Scottish spelling of McLeod to the applicable Californiazation of McCloud. Ernie Schweibert wrote in Trout, that the only probable pure strain of non-migratory McCloud River Rainbow reside in Argentine Patagonia where they were introduced in wild form in 1910.

    The legend goes that in the mid-1880's McCloud "California Trout" where being shipped in ice cooled barrels from the original hatchery to one up-state NY when the train brook down near Callicoone, NY, straddling Callicoon Creek where it enters the main stem Delaware. A brakeman on board was a fisherman and as he watched the un-replenished ice rapidly melting, he understood the little fish within would soon perish. He took it upon himself to dump the barrels off the little bridge into the creek and Rainbows have lived in the Delaware system ever since.

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    I am a self-avowed Brown Trout guy, but I will say this: after a solid week of the greatest brown trout fishing on the planet on the South Island of New Zealand- the lone Rainbow I caught on my final day made one hell of a case that I may have been misguided in my loyalties all these years...

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    Thank You so much for Sharing your Outing, Review, and the Pictures.

    I have been Studying up on Taylor, because the Revolution Z Fly Line
    Holder really intrigues me.

    You did answer one of my questions of where Taylor's Products are
    made, South Korea.

    The Single Foot Fly Rod Eyelets intrigues me also. I've been Studying
    Cabela's Rogue Fly Rod also. Both Taylor' Rod and Cabela's Rod are
    very similar.

    There must be a South Korean connection there.

    Thanks again for all.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Re: Taylor Truth and matching Revolution Z

    norseman, The single foot guides are US made Recoil Brand (at least on the Taylor, there are, of course, off-shore imitations). There are Korean rod shops and THE Korean rod shop and I assure you there are indeed big differences. Taylor's fabrication and taper design are unique to them. I'm going to update this post soon as I have now spent more time with Truth/Revolution Z.

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