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    Default Re: Simms Aluminum Wading Staff

    My Folstaff wading stick just arrived. I held off buying a wading staff because I already own x country ski poles, mountaineering treking poles etc making a wading staff seemed redundant. So I used my Black Diamond Mountaneering poles and they worked in strong curent etc(even though they vibrated a lot). The problem was stowing the pole once I waded to a spot. They are telescoping and it was a pain to collapse and extend them over and over as I worked a stream. I often left them extended and clipped to my pack but they kept banging into my legs. Hence the Folstaff. Easy to stow and deploy. Very, very stout. I do not see this bending like the Simms staff depicted earlier in the thread. I have staked my life on my mountaineering pole several times above 19k feet, the Folstaff is much more stout. Two points, first, correct length, measured all of my poles and 59" is about the right height for a 6.0 ft man. The joint wax, is the same as ferrule wax for your rod, so save your cash on that.
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