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    Default Re: Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net

    The longer handle becomes a benefit with 10' rod for sure

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    I like the mid length as well. It’s light weight and I like the extra reach when landing.

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    For me it entirely depends on the target. Regarding the question from sparsegraystubble, if the Native essentially duplicates something you already have, and you occasionally find yourself wanting a different size, there might be merit to swapping it.

    I tend to pick the net for what I'm most likely to be catching. While we may all have grand expectations of going out and catching whales, it is potentially more comfortable (re: net size) to be realistic in terms of what will most likely need scooping up out of the river that day and carry accordingly.

    I started with the Emerger net and it's still what I'd consider to be the most versatile net in the line, the do-it-all net. As time marched on I found myself either in some high alpine stream wishing for something smaller or on some carp flat wishing for something much larger.

    This is the Native net with a 19" trout, if every trout I caught was bigger than this, I may bump up to a bigger net but 18/19" fish fit pretty well:

    This is the same size (18") fish with the Emerger net:

    Once I started using my Emerger net for carp, it soon became apparent I needed something bigger....much bigger. I thought the "River Armor" version of the El Jefe net would fit the bill perfectly. Alas, after fishing the El Jefe on carp I bumped up to the Nomad Boat Net, this El Jefe net just isn't always big enough for the local carp where I fish:

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    Default Re: Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net

    I made the jump to a Nomad near a decade ago. Have retired all my wooden nets except my Brodin boat net.
    Got over breaking and buying. (I broke my boat net frame, but Gorilla glue super glue was the cure...almost new.)
    My newest addition has been the El Hefe mid-length. We have fish over twenty inches fairly frequently and it's not nice to fold them. Would you like to be folded?
    I would like the long handle El, as well, but I can use the boat net for hunting Walter.
    I like the longer handle early in the season when the water is too big to wade, and the fish don't volunteer to come up on the bank.
    My advise is get a locking Gearkeeper retractor if you spend the money for a good net. I choke up on the attachment point, I hate being bumped in the back of my legs when walking.

    Wanted to add....the long handle is not too heavy, when you can glue on the wading tip for using it as a staff.
    Just like the old time gillies.

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    Default Re: Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net

    FWIW I use the fishpond emerger with river armour. At 32" it is long enough to help me reach but not so long as to bang against me when it is stored. I do not enjoy the tugging sensation of a net, and any of the fishpond nets are light enough to avoid this annoyance. It is more about the slap against my legs or backside. I tried the midsize but found it was a "banger" for my someone with my stature --- I am 176 cm tall -- though if i were taller I think it might be less of an issue. Net storage / placement is a key when it comes to comfort for me. I find using the back slot of my wading belt is just OK for comfort, whereas hanging my emerger with a magnetic release on my back raises the comfort level to good; there is still the reach-around issue at times but overall it is light enough not to tug and hangs so as to not bang me. Access and replacement are not a trouble for me with this type of net storage. YMMV
    finem respice
    Tom Morgan :::
    "I would say there is quite a bit of crossover in that a good rod is a good rod is a good rod. What you are really looking at are attributes and characteristics.... I have really strong convictions that you need to make a rod that is going to fish for Trout in the 20 to 55 foot range. If it doesn't really bend or flex for that, then you have got the wrong rod. So with any one of the materials the characteristics of the rod in my opinion should still be the same."

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