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    I have had the rod out a number of times and I love the feel and action of the rod. The rod will be used 90% of the time at Pyramid lake in Nevada It seems to have more of a fast action and shoots line out like a rocket. My only complaint is the tip piece has come off more than once when casting. I make sure that each piece of the rod is put together straight and tight but after a few hours of continuous casting it will come apart. I don't know if this happens with others who owns this rod or just me but it's a little bit of a hastle when you have to stop what your doing to fix the problem.
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    Default Re: TFO Jim Teeny 10' 7wt Review

    If you continue to have issues with that ferrule, contact TFO. It has a great customer service department.


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    Throw a bit of chapstick in the ferrel next time..It wont pop off again

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    You can also rub the ferrule with a candle until a little wax builds up. It keeps it nice and snug but it will pop off easily when it comes time to break the rod down.

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    i have another model TFO and it has come apart after a long day of use.

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