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Thread: Fly Box Photos

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    As someone who is still pretty new to fly fishing (coming up on a year now), I am still somewhat confused and undecided as to how I should organize my fly boxes. It did not use to be a problem as I didn't have many flies. However, my fly collection is rapidly growing and I am in need of a plan. Too many times I find myself on the water and I go to my pack and look for a fly only to find it is back in the car or back at home. I thought I would ask some of you more wise, seasoned and knowledgeable anglers how you do it, and if you could, to post some photos of your full fly boxes. I tend to be a more visual learner and seeing photos would help me a lot. The one thing I do know is that I need to break it down between trout boxes and warmwater boxes. Living in Texas, the vast majority of my fishing is warm water related. However, I do get to fish for trout as much as possible. I just have to travel a little farther to do it. I would love to hear how you do it and see some pictures.

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    Don't know if I'm wise or knowledgeable but here goes. Until very recently, I lugged around 4 or 5 of the big C&F waterproof boxes for all of my trout fishing:

    1. Big mayflies
    2. Small mayflies & midges
    3. Caddis, stones & terrestrials
    4. Nymphs and emergers
    5. Streamers.

    I've been able to pair down my selection to 2 boxes for most fishing, although I'll probably still take everything along to unfamiliar water.

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    Default Re: Fly Box Photos

    Hi txbevo,

    I use to have a box for each type of fly. Now I have settled on a box for each place I fish. I have a San Juan box with all of the flies that I might use and that is it. My San Juan box works quite nice on other tail water fisheries. So I guess it should be called my tailwater box. I have a Bass box and a saltwater box. This seems to work well for me. I use a chest pack the most and don't have room for a lot of fly boxes.


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    Default Re: Fly Box Photos

    In my trout vest I carry a streamer wallet, a 'big fly' box, and two dry/wet boxes. One of the dry/wet boxes has mostly tiny flies.

    In my warmwater boat bag I carry a panfish box and a largemouth box

    I have a shoulder bag for when I fish for river smallmouth and it carries a separate box just for those flies....

    My saltwater vest has a single large box, but I 'feed' it as needed out of half a dozen Plano style boxes stored in a large tackle bag

    I also have a trout boat bag and a saltwater kayak bag. These don't get used as much so they're 'feed' from the other gear
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    I have 4 boxes.

    Large Box: Streamers
    Medium Box 1: Dries/Terrestrials
    Medium Box 2: More Dries/Terrestrials
    Small Box: Wet flies/Midges

    I also keep 4-5 terrestrials in my check pack that I use for panfish.

    Post pics later.
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    Who makes these fly boxes? I like the V slits in the foam for the hooks.



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    Scott, those are C&F waterproof boxes. They are great boxes.

    I am thinking about getting one of these. C and F Design Waterproof Boxes Large-Sized 12-Compartment / 8-Row Box They look like they would be great for holding nymphs in the foam and drys in the compartments. Could also use a compartment or two for indicators and/or split shot/putty. Anyone have or used one of these boxes?

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    I replaced all my fly boxes with CF boxes. Found a guy on ebay selling 10 CF boxes for $60, I bought them right up. They are truly my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txbevo View Post
    Scott, those are C&F waterproof boxes. They are great boxes.
    Excellent! Thanks for letting me know what they are. I like the slits better than the ripple foam or solid foam.

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