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Thread: 9 weight rod

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    Default 9 weight rod

    lamiglass g1000 or orvis clearwater2? we're talking 9 weight fellas. i'm pike fishing addicted now any input is greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: 9 weight rod

    I'd suggest an alternative: Loomis shorestalker in 9 wt. 8.5 feet. The things I like about it are it loads easily for closer casts (which many "fast" rods won't do), yet can really knock it out of the park if you need to. I have the 6 and 9. I only use them for my bass and pike fishing; they're not fast enough for me for atlantic salmon or bonefishing. and they are only about 350 bucks or so versus 700+ for my Loomis NativeRun GLX's.

    edit: of course, you're going to get all the "suggested alternatives" you'll ever need once this thread sees a little more daylight, LOL.
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    Default Re: 9 weight rod

    gt has a great point and i think that the loomis shorestalker would make a great rod. but it would also help to know how big the water is your fishing? a fast action rod would do pretty well on big open water from a boat because you will get good casting distance and cover a lot more square footage per cast. his suggestion of a shorter slower rod would work better for river pike because there is less water to cover over all and less water tension to break while setting the hook. also will you be fishing floating or sinktips for your flyline as i have come to start believing that the flyline is the single most important part of a fly rig. these smaller tips may help narrow down the search a little better for you

    best of luck

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    Default Re: 9 weight rod

    Casey, I have the Lamiglas G1000 9wt, purchased to be a backup for heavy steelhead, silvers and stripers. It is now my "go to" rod for bigger fish/heavy lines and flies. I do not use it "in close" much, but it casts like a rocket for distance and seems to like 28' of t11 real well. There are several under $200 on ebay and that seems like a real nice price point for the rod...too bad it's not 4 pc...

    hope this helps...


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    Default Re: 9 weight rod

    Hi Casey,

    Okuma, Mike, has an 8 weight Orvis set up for sale here in the classifieds I think. Rod reel and line at bargain price. Maybe the #8 would work for you.........................


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