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    Default Re: Beware Grip 'n Grinners...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie View Post
    Too late. I'm studying everyones fish pics. Guess I'll see you this summer
    Jimmie: That was great! LMAO!
    Most all of the rivers/stillwaters I fish are well published anyway so I'm not worried!


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    Default Re: Beware Grip 'n Grinners...

    The only time the GPS on my phone was helpful was when I needed to call the poliece my cell takes **** pics (work phone) my own phone is so basic that its most advanced feature is TXT

    but for my spots they if not famous they still get very high angling presure

    there is only one place I fish that I dont share thats because its private property and mainly bait fishermen use it (so I get a chance to clean up with the fly with out the 2hr drive)

    and I dont photograph fish unless they are coming with me or in the water (not attached to the line cos there is no way I will use a $600 camera that close to water), because I fish mostly alone and gravel river banks getting close to 80-100 deg f will cook them

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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