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  1. Default Carrying your Rod & Reel

    I was wondering how many of you transport your rod & reels in seperate carrying cases. Example rod case and seperate reel case.

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    Always carry rods and reels in seperate cases. Most of the time, I have to go a pretty decent distance for some fishing. But, mostly it's because my car is small and there is no way to fit a 9ft. rod inside that is put together.
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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    i have a 4 piece 9 ft rod so i had to get a case i decided on a case that allows me to leave the reel atached but it has little dividers inside so that the rod sections dont rub against each other and ruin the finish

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    I carry the rods in their tube and reels, vest, chest pack and other stuff in a plain old gym bag.

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    I carry my rods in the tubes that they came in and the reels in the neopreme container that Lamson provides.


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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    Separate, but my soft reel case has a velcro closure so I loop the reel case through the strap handle of the rod tube.
    My other cloth rod bags stay separate from their reels.

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    When I go fishing to Austria once a year,or for some days away from home I carry my rods in their tubes and in a special bag(offered by my ex ex father in law),the reels in their cases...when I go fishing for the day I won't tell you how...I don't want to set a very bad example

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    Quote Originally Posted by jbbfly View Post
    ...when I go fishing for the day I won't tell you how...I don't want to set a very bad example
    Right now, there's an 8wt all rigged up, just lying in the bed of my truck, another rod (no tube) behind the seat
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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    I carry my rod in a homemade PVC tube, and my reel in a Kodiak reel case made by Fishpond.

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    Default Re: Carrying your Rod & Reel

    I love rod-and-reel cases and have them for all my tackle. I like to have the tackle ready to go, and at the same time protected.

    I have a double 4-piece rod-and-reel case with a medium action 5 wt. and a fast action 6 wt. (slightly overlined with a RIO Grand). Both are 9 ft. I don't even think about which rod I'm going to use until I get to the stream, size up the situation, and devise a strategy. And the two rods act as each other's backups.

    Right now I've got my 4 pc. 8 wt. in a single rod-and-reel case, but my wife is thinking about getting an 8 wt. and if she does I'll put both in a double case.

    I like the cases from Clear Creek. They'll send you a catalogue, have a web site and will work with you on the phone. I put my reels in a neoprene cover for extra protection.

    For your 4 pc. rod, be sure to get a case with four slots for the rod pieces. You don't want them rubbing together! Cabela's cases are less expensive, but only have three slots (unless they've changed this).

    Also, by having the rods and reels ready to go, I'm more likely to go out in the yard to practive.
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