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Thread: RIP Chuck Tryon

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    Default RIP Chuck Tryon

    My friend and long time fly fisher, Chuck Tryon passed yesterday. We tied every other Tuesday for the past years at his place. He seemed to always look forward to us coming.
    He authored:
    "Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri"
    "All about Flies"
    "2oo Missouri Smallmouth Adventures"
    "Figuring out Flies"
    He originated the "BUB" fly which I have seen in one of the magazines. Here it is:

    [ame=]YouTube - Tying the BUB Fly[/ame]

    Even though the video shows a yellow "BUB" fly most of his were black, or brown (all colors are good).
    In addition to this fly his favorite fly was the "Tellico Nymph".
    I will miss him.

    Another nice link: http://rainwaterscreeksideramblings....or-bubfly.html
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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon


    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It is a really nice gesture of you to post this in remembrance of your friend.


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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    I'll tie up a few BUB flies and give them a try.

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Jimmie: Sorry to hear Chuck has passed on. I'm sure you are going to miss his fly fishing/tying wisdom. God bless!


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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Jimmy, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
    Anthony Laurence
    Web Developement and Design
    FlyFishinado - My Fly Fishing Blog

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    I talked to him over the phone once; I ordered his book "fly fishing for trout in Missouri" and when I got it there was some publishing error with a bunch of pages missing. Called him right up and he sent me out a signed copy, I had it in a week. Though we only spoke for 5 minutes or so, he seemed like a very amiable fellow. Sorry to hear of his passing, and the loss of your tying companion. All the best to his family and friends.

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    I read his book, the one Ausablebrown is talking about. Very informative and easy to read.

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Sad news Jimmie,we all have a thought for you.I lost my fishing buddy thirty years ago a few days after the opening of the trout season ....I know what you feel.

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Its hard when you loose a friend,

    "the fight is for habitait. Once its continuation is assured the fish will largely look after themselves." KD

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    Default Re: RIP Chuck Tryon

    Condolences jimmie, some people really do leave a void in our lives when they pass.
    Sounds like he was great guy.
    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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