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Thread: New here need some info!!!

  1. Default New here need some info!!!

    Hi all,
    Great to be here, I am new to this area in Bellevue. If anyone could guide me to a good fishing location for bank fisherman like in skykomish in sultan or snoquilmie river in Fall city. I heard about this two river but have no idea how to get to a good location on those rivers.
    Appreciate your help. Tide line all.

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    Default Re: New here need some info!!!

    jjh- welcome to the board. Here's a link to info from WA F&G for access sites to launch a boat or fish from the bank:

    WDFW - Water Access Sites

    Can't help you out with specifics as to where to go, but I would also check for areas with access close to you for starters and advice from a local fly shop. There was an Orvis shop in Bellevue last time I was out there, and Kaufmann's Streamborne in Seattle, though you could probably find other local shops that are closer to the areas you want to fish and maybe more wired into the rivers out there. In terms of conditions (flows, clarity, runs, hatches) and could give you some pointers on where to go and what to use.


  3. Default Re: New here need some info!!!

    Hi mark,
    Thank you. I will give it a try, If there are some other info or someone had a good reports on those rivers please let me know.

    Thanks again.

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