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btlguide 02-12-2011 12:21 PM

Simms Headwaters Waist Pack
Does anyone have the Simms Headwaters Waist Pack they would care to share some input on? I've been looking for a new larger pack for the upcoming AK season and its caught my eye. I have quite a few waist packs already but i'm always looking for another one.
I currently own the Flats, and the Sling pack from Simms. What i'm really looking to find is someone WEARING the Headwaters pack, i want to get an idea of the true size of it on someone. Also if someone has this pack, when its loaded up does it sag at all? When my sling was loaded and if i WAS NOT wearing the shoulder sling the whole pack really sagged which was a turn off, as i like to wear packs without the shoulder strap. I really like my flats pack because it has a stiffer back and hugs the body more without sag when loaded.
So if anyone out there has this pack and could share some insight it would be greatly appreciated!!!


Frank Whiton 02-12-2011 03:15 PM

Re: Simms Headwaters Waist Pack
Hi Everyone,

Here is the Simms Headwaters Waist Pack that btlguide is asking about. I have not used it but it sure looks like a lot to hang off your waist with out the strap.


Simms Headwaters Waist Pack

possessed 02-12-2011 03:55 PM

Re: Simms Headwaters Waist Pack
I have also been looking at that pack and would be interested in any feedback. I also would like to see the inside of it. I like camo and I also like the larger size for the long hikes as I like to carry a little extra food, water filter, etc.

I love my current pack, but the new Simms is about twice as big and can hold more stuff. Currently, for the long hikes, I also wear a small back pack along with my sling pack, I would like to be able to only carry one pack.

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