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    I wanted to start off with thanking everyone.. All the advice I got from the threads I posted and just reading everyone elses has been tons of help.

    It's nice having a place to come and ask questions and read others questions from the very basics to advanced techniques...I find the information I have recieved from everyone on here priceless , and I didnt want my appreciation to go un-noticed..

    As some of you know from my last post I am Brand New to this world and just bought my first setup a few days ago.. Today I decided to go down to the local sporting goods store buy a couple flies and try out my luck in pond.. I am still trying to get the hang of things with this casting , but every 3 or 4 out of 10 seem to lay out in a nice straight line... while the other bunch up when I lay it out on the pond... Fortunately for me the fish in my pond ( bass and bluegill ) do not care so much.. I like to think of my pond as good for the self esteem ... And wouldn't you know it I landed 7 bluegill today on my 9' 5wt Flight...

    Today felt like the start of a new era in fishing for me and again wanted to thank everyone... I will keep everyone updated on my progress...

    Day 1 conquer my pond..... Check

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    Great, I am glad your learning so much. Hope you enjoy the sport of flyfishing for mnay years. Dont worry to much about the casting thin, its all practice, it takes some time. If you know someone or some place that can give you leasons its a good idea to do, its easy to start getting into bad habits trying to learn on your own, but regardles of how you learn, have fun and enjoy. When you are better at this, rember those that have helped you and it will be your turn to help newbies.

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    Hi Jer,

    It is great that you are enjoying the Forum so much.

    Here is an exercise that will help you get your timing down. Its called a pick-up and lay-down. You get the line out in front of you usually with a roll cast. If you can't make a roll cast we can help you with that. With the line laying flat on the water you pick it up making your back stroke and abrupt stop. When your back cast is straight behind make a fore cast and let it settle on the water. So you pick up the fly line with a back cast and then make your delivery on the fore cast. You can work out any problems you are having with the cast broken down to this simple exercise. It is also a good way to check out your leaders.


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    The casting will take time and patience but you'll get it. Relax and enjoy the sport, there's almost nothing like it! You may try to catch a few tree fish before it's over (I still catch them!) and a few bushes that you never saw before but keep practicing and if you run into trouble, ask here on the forum or your local flyshop so you don't develop bad habits! We are all here to help each other enjoy the sport!
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    Jer it's my duty to warn you of the great danger of flyfishing....if you start flyfishing you'll never get rid of itquote: but every 3 or 4 out of 10 seem to lay out in a nice straight line... then you'll have to learn it's not most of the time the right way to lay your line

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    Jer: It is great that you are having such a good time learning fly fishing, it is a great sport that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Casting is mostly a timing thing, it would be good to get lessons if at all possible or to join a fishing club where you can get support from others fist hand. Another approach is to do a search on YouTube for "fly casting", there are some great videos out there, the series I like the best is by Tim Landwehr. Here is a link to one of his casting videos. YouTube - Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast Part 1
    Good luck.


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